Mask Distribution from Ankara Yenimahalle Municipality at Metro Stations

Yenimahalle Municipality, which distributed masks and disinfectants within the scope of combating the covid-19 epidemic throughout the district throughout the pandemic process, accelerated the distribution after the increase in cases in Ankara.

Work-out mask and disinfectant surprise to the citizen

Thousands of masks and disinfectants were distributed to the citizens at the Batıkent Metro station with the cooperation of the Yenimahalle Municipality Management and Affiliates Directorate and the Police Department teams.

Effective fight against the virus from Yenimahalle

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic that has increased in recent days, the first of the distribution of masks and disinfectants at Batıkent metro station, Yenimahalle Municipality teams; OSTİM Metro, Hospital Metro, İvedik Metro and Yenimahalle Cable Car Station will distribute 50 thousand masks and 7 thousand 500 bottles of disinfectant to the residents of the district.

Yenimahalle Municipality aims to effectively fight the virus by protecting public health at points where the density of contact and the risk of virus spread is high with the distribution of masks and disinfectants to be carried out regularly in the first week of each month.

Yaşar "All our units are on the alert since the first day"

Corona Virus cases in Turkey, indicating that the fight against the virus with all departments of the municipality since March began to be seen in Yaşar Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi "as Yenimahalle Municipality disinfect need in our district since March and disinfection works, as well as citizen's use in personal hygiene and mask in order to protect from virus and we undertook numerous services such as disinfectant production. Our citizen is a thesis from this trouble zamWe want to get rid of it in the moment. "We produce masks, disinfectants and cologne in the production workshop we set up in Karşıyaka Closed Marketplace Social Facility for the Breathing Impaired."

Yaşar "Pandemic process brings additional cost to citizens"

Stating that mask and disinfectant fees bring additional costs to low-income citizens who have to work and have to go out during the day, Yaşar said, “Our citizens already live in a bottleneck economically. Each zamAs a municipality that has undertaken to be with its citizens at the moment, we have distributed 850 thousand masks, 14 tons of disinfectant and 6 tons of cologne, which we have produced so far, at many points such as taxi, minibus, bus stops, police station offices, mukhtars, market places and metro stations. Our teams will continue to work for public health regularly. In this process, I believe that Yenimahalle residents will follow the necessary social distance rules and use of masks and pay attention to their personal hygiene.

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