Anadolu Isuzu Introduced Its New Technologies

Anadolu Isuzu Introduced Its New Technologies
Anadolu Isuzu Introduced Its New Technologies

Anadolu Isuzu announced that it has implemented the EES (Electric-Electronic System) Architecture project. The domestic commercial vehicle manufacturer, which develops new features and new software options to be applied to all its new vehicles within the scope of the EES Architecture, announced that it has started to apply these features in Interliner and Grand Toro vehicles.

Anadolu Isuzu's new electrical-electronic systems and vehicles are equipped with FMS (Fleet Management System - Fleet Management System), Engine Diagnostics Diagnostics, MUX Vehicle Control System Diagnostics Diagnostics, Driver Scoring, Cornering Lighting, Welcome to the Vehicle Mode, Dynamic return screen, It has been stated that it has added enhancements such as Return to Home Mode, Smart Wiper, Dynamic Home Screen, and Voice.

Commenting on the subject, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said, “We have developed new software options in line with today's trends and customer needs and expectations. These features, which we started to apply in our Interliner and Grand Toro vehicles, will be developed and presented as a standard in every new vehicle in the coming period. EES Architecture is a vibrant structure and will continue to be developed continuously ”.



According to the information provided, thanks to the FMS (Fleet Management System) offered within the scope of the EES Architecture, the fleet tracking device does not require additional equipment to filter certain communication protocol (CAN) messages. While Engine Diagnostic Error Diagnosis presents the error codes in the engine to the driver, the MUX Vehicle Control System informs the driver about the status and malfunction of each electrical and electronic receiver in the vehicle. With the Driver Scoring System, drivers are given feedback such as "You are driving well" and "You are using badly" with algorithms developed by Anadolu Isuzu.

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