Zula Mobile New Update

Zulu Mobile New Update: Turkey's most popular MMOFPS genre of mobile games and equipment Zula Mobile, a new map update included many enhancements made that will delight gamers further improving the playing experience.

with 30 million players in the world and Turkey, popular MMOFPS game Zula, after a rigorous development process, "Zulu Mobile" in May with the name entered their mobile phones. In a short time only InGAME Group's team of developers for more than 3 million downloaded Zulu Mobile in Turkey continue to work uninterrupted. The newly released v0.14 update will be the second important update in the game, which has become more and more perfect with regular improvements.

Hangar Map, new equipment and more ...

One of the most important innovations that came with the v0.14 update is the redesign and addition of the "Hangar Map", which is the map of rapid conflicts and successive combos. The first of the innovations in the field of equipment is the addition of "MP5", which can be used by new players easily. Special patterns and add-ons are also taking their place in the game with this update. The rarity of the M4A1 has been increased from rare to rare, while the magazine capacity of the HK G3 has been reduced from 25 to 20.

New player buff

With the v0.14 update, players now have 4 seconds, not 5, to win in Sabotage Mode, so they can build more strategic games. In other modes, players' health is passively restored and combos are made easier. Players who are just starting the game have a buff that decreases with each level, and at level 12, the buff is completely reset.

Key customization menu is now even more detailed

With the update, in which the key customization menu in the options has been made more detailed, fine adjustments can be made on the key positions, sizes and transparency, and the settings made can be stored in 4 different profiles. It is also much easier to enter timed modes.

While some bug fixes were made with the v0.14 update, a limit on the android version that requires 5.1 and above operating system was brought in order to receive the update. - Hibya

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