Yıldırım-10 Norduz Operation Launched


Van Provincial Gendarmerie Command in order to remove the separatist terrorist organization from the agenda of the country and neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be sheltering in the region. LIGHTNING-10 NORDUZ Operation has been launched.

He was in charge of the Van Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the operation; Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations (PÖH) and Security Ranger teams 1.040 staff [70 operational team].

Within the scope of Yıldırım (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9) Operations conducted for the complete elimination of terrorism in the country, a total of

  • 46 the terrorist has been neutralized,
  • 23 collaborator caught,
  • 90 cave, shelter and warehouse were destroyed, many weapons-ammunition, food and living materials were seized.

LIGHTNING OPERATIONS, with the support of our people BELIEVER ve DETERMINED continues with success somehow.

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