Maserati MC20 Introduced, Next Generation Super Sports Car

Maserati MC20 Introduced, Next Generation Super Sports Car
Maserati MC20 Introduced, Next Generation Super Sports Car

Maserati introduced the next generation super sports car MC20 with an impressive organization. Manufactured in Viale Ciro Menotti Factory in Modena, MC20; It attracts attention with its unique design, the new Maserati-made V630 “Nettuno” engine with 6 HP power, the best power / weight balance in its class, a maximum speed of over 325 km / h and its refined aerodynamics.

MC20 Marks the Beginning of a New Era for the Maserati Brand!

Maserati introduced the next generation super sports car MC20 with an impressive organization. Manufactured in Viale Ciro Menotti Factory in Modena, MC20; It attracts attention with its unique design, the new Maserati-made V630 “Nettuno” engine with 6 HP power, the best power / weight balance in its class, its maximum speed above 325 km / h and its refined aerodynamics. The MC20, whose name is inspired by the words Maserati and Corse (racing), combines both racing and road car concepts in the same pot. zamIt also symbolizes Maserati's return to the racing world.

Maserati introduced the highly anticipated new super sports car, the MC20. Name; The MC2020, created from 20 with the words "Maserati" and "Corse" meaning race, was introduced at a magnificent event. MC20; While offering advanced comfort, luxury and daily use flexibility, it also symbolizes the beginning of a new era with the racing DNA of the brand.

One hundred percent Maserati engine: Nettuno, best in class power / weight balance

Manufactured at the Viale Ciro Menotti Factory in Modena, the MC20, which is produced at the Viale Ciro Menotti Factory, is one of the most distinguished elements of its fully Maserati engine. Designed by Maserati engine engineers with the support of the Modena Innovation Lab, the V90 Nettuno engine with 6 ° angled, V3,0 cylinder, 630 liter volume, twin turbocharged 6 HP power, draws attention with its 6-cylinder engine with the highest power generation. The MC20's engine, which produces 7.500 HP power at 630 rpm and 3.000 Nm of torque at 730 rpm, provides a specific power generation of 210 HP / liter. The engine has an 82 mm stroke and 88 mm diameter, and an 11: 1 compression ratio is applied. The MC1, thanks to the engine named "Nettuno", which is protected by international patents and transfers the technology previously used only in Formula 20 to a road car; While completing 2,9-0 km / h in 100 seconds and 8,8-0 km / h in 200 seconds, it can reach a maximum speed of over 325 km / h. The patented MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) combustion system, in which the front chamber technology used in the engines of F1 vehicles is transferred to a road car for the first time, brings the vehicle's performance to the top. In addition, the side spark plug solution contributes to a healthy combustion, while the double injection system contributes to the reduction of noise levels, emissions and fuel consumption. The power produced by the engine; It is transferred to the wheels by an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with six power and two high-speed gears to ensure emissions compliance.

Elegant yet sporty aerodynamic design

Maserati MC20, elegant yet sporty, same zamwill challenge years in the moment zamIt attracts attention with its inexorable and original design. Craftsmanship and engineering in the MC20, designed at the Centro Stile Maserati (Maserati Design Center) in Turin; It combines the concepts of road and racing cars in the same pot. In the design of the MC20, the jointly developed monocoque chassis for the coupe, convertible and future electric version comes to the fore. Fulfilling all the requirements of aerodynamic elements transferred from motor sports, MC20; It offers the best weight / power balance in its class with its lightweight structure of less than 1.500 kg and chassis made of carbon fiber and composite materials. The hood and side vents that provide engine air intake direct the air flow between the underbody and the upper body, while the rear spoiler increases the downforce on the rear axle. Wing type and obstacle sensor doors make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. There are six different custom color options available for the MC20. Maserati's iconic logo, with only white and dark blue colors and red removed, represents the brand's innovation everywhere in the car, from the steering wheel to the wheel covers and the front grille, while the "Maserati" script on the back of the vehicle reveals a more modern look with its new design.

Interior focusing on functionality

Inside the MC20 cabinet; While the driver's seat offers functionality just like a racing car, it also stands out with a minimal design concept. There are two screens in the cockpit, one for the driver and the other Maserati Touch Control Plus, which is positioned facing the light driver. On the center console, there are functions such as driving mode selector, gear control, power window controls, audio control of the infotainment system, wireless charging feature and a smartphone pad. All other controls, including the start and Launch Control, are combined in a black leather-covered sports steering wheel, developed by the contribution of the Maserati Corse test driver and former MC12 World Champion Andrea Bertolini. Gear shift levers also provide convenience by being fixed to the steering column. The rear view camera can be viewed on the screen of the frameless digital rearview mirror. Again, the carbon fiber surfaces in the interior are applied matte for a more original and fabric-like appearance. Two different luggage areas of the MC20, 47 liters in the front and 101 liters in the rear, complete the car's functionality.

In addition to these, the vehicle does not have Maserati-specific dark blue touches and the usual analog Maserati clock on the instrument panel; The driving mode selector, inspired by a luxury watch, reflects the luxury and quality expected of the car.

Maximum performance enhancements

MC20; It offers five different driving modes, WET, GT, SPORT, CORSA and ESC OFF, which are selected by the control on the gear console and each has its own color. Switching between these driving modes can occur within a few seconds. Active when the vehicle is first started, the driving mode GT is ideal for daily driving and provides maximum ease of use and comfort. WET offers a more controlled ride on wet or damp road surfaces to avoid skidding during acceleration or cornering. The SPORT mode offers the highest performance in high traction conditions and is ideal for track use, while the CORSA mode offers an extreme driving experience where traction control is less active and electronic stability control is activated at higher limits. The suspension stiffness can be adjusted with a button on the gear console in SPORT and CORSA driving modes. ESC OFF disables all traction control functions. The height increase function activated by a button on the steering wheel stands out as another factor that increases the driving comfort of the MC20. Thanks to this optional feature, which can be used up to 40 km / h, when the hydraulic system is activated, the front axle rises by 50 mm and provides convenience in obstacles such as speed bumps or extremely steep ramps. The "semi-virtual layout" in the MC20's forged aluminum front and rear suspension design provides maximum steering control and optimum handling.

The most efficient and fun technologies

MC20; It is equipped with a new generation MIA (Maserati Smart Assistant) infotainment system that enables customizable usage options. This Android-based system is used on a 10,25 inch digital instrument panel and a touch screen in the center console. The special anti-reflective surface coating of the screens offers comfortable use and vision even under intense sunlight. The Maserati Connect Program offers rich connectivity solutions to the MC20. With this program that establishes a connection between the car and the driver, information is transferred to the driver at any time. Eg service zamWhen the moment comes, Maserati Connect improves the customer experience by alerting the driver or increases safety by providing assistance in emergencies and theft incidents. The program is compatible with smart phones and smart watches and ensures that you are always in contact with the car. Real zamInstant traffic information and updated maps can also be accessed within the scope of the program, thanks to the integrated connected navigation system. TIDAL, an online music listening application, is also standard on the MC20. The car is equipped with a 6-speaker sound system with two tweeters, mid-range and woofer on the doors as standard, and an optional 12-speaker Sonus Faber high performance sound system.

"MC20 A Thoroughbred Maserati"

Giovanni Ribotta, Head of Exterior Design of the Maserati MC20, said, “The MC20 is a thoroughbred Maserati that everyone has been waiting for! We needed a model that would take us back to our roots. When we started designing the MC20, we looked at our history and drew inspiration from the world of Birdcage (Tipo 61). We were also inspired by the MC12, which was developed for the racetrack and later adapted to the road. We thought of the new project as a road car from the very beginning. MC20; a concept that sheds light on future models. Same zamIt enabled us to create a concept in terms of form. The method we have applied for the first time with the MC20 is an approach to surfaces we plan to use again in the future. "The MC20 strictly follows the basic design rules of our cars and has a very well-shaped appearance."

“We are taking the V6 concept to a whole new dimension '

Stefano Tonietto, Maserati Design Project Leader and head of the development team for the new gasoline engine called Nettuno, said: “Maserati engines will be produced at Ciro Menotti, where a special line has been established. This is a 'Made in Modena' product. We are proud of our engine, our car and our historic Maserati factory that has been here for 80 years. We worked hard to develop, design and test the engine. It is a pleasure to see it produced, ”he said. Tonietto also said, “This new engine developed is definitely the best engine in its class with 200 HP / liter. There is no other similar product on the market. "We are taking the V6 concept to a whole new dimension," he said.

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