New Hyundai Tucson Photos Leaked

The new Hyundai Tucson will be available with a unique design, a very spacious and aesthetic interior and more technological features.

New Tucson, which started the firsts in its segment thanks to the new technology-based parametric closed headlight system signed by Hyundai, also incorporates all the qualities of emotional sporty design. Tucson, which is also a valuable milestone in terms of Hyundai's unstoppable rise, aims to be a loyal model to its user, especially with its advanced and high-level driving experiences.

First introduced in the New Elantra "Sensuous Sportiness - Emotional Sportiness" design identity, Tucson's high-end "Parametric Dynamics" it also makes an emotional transition to the design theme. Attracting all the attention with its design ideology, Hyundai adopts making a difference in the branch with original cars that can establish an irresistible bond with its users.

With a new ambience and an original platform, Tucson's advanced exterior design consists of unprecedented bold lines. While kinetic details were created through computerized surface scanning to reflect the high-end design aesthetics, Hyundai designers used harder lines, right corner angles and sharp forms in nature for their parametric dynamic ideology. The Parametric Zımnî Headlight System, on the other hand, certainly provides a strong first impression to the car.

This high-end technology, developed entirely by Hyundai, combines with LED daytime running lights to give the car a rather powerful front end. The body of New Tucson, which has a jewel-like grid with its embossed structure, is larger and wider than the previous generations. The car, which comes with a longer engine hood, draws attention with its coupe format rather than classic SUVs when viewed from the side.

Despite the extended wheelbase, the car has shorter front and rear wheel overhangs, and on the side of the car, there are angular and strictly transitional lines. Thus, the car is made to look bigger and bigger.

It is clear that the vehicle that can offer a premium image is much more masculine than before. Also, another advantage that the parametric design has brought to Tucson is that it stays fluid even when standing still. Hyundai Tucson, which reinforces its brave and strong stance with its new generation wheel design, seems to be a candidate to be one of the most arguable SUV models of recent years with its wide interior.

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Speaking of space technology and information often indoors, Hyundai engineers feature a lower digital display screen and dual cockpit design. The driver and passenger can benefit from the comfort features in the vehicle in a completely different way. In the cockpit prepared using first-class equipment, everything is in its proper place and as such, it definitely gives the impression of a higher-class model.

The fourth generation Hyundai Tucson will be introduced to all car lovers at the online world launch on September 15.

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