World First Aid Day Theme Pandemic


World First Aid Day will also be organized around the world this year with the theme "Adaptation of First Aid Practices to Pandemic". On September 12, World First Aid Day, which is celebrated with various events on the second Saturday of September every year, this year, emphasis will be placed on first aid issues against coronavirus in hospitals and minor injuries during the pandemic process.

While there is an intense struggle against the epidemic all over the world, on the other hand, states carry out various activities in order to raise awareness of citizens and increase their awareness of the pandemic. These activities will be carried out on the World First Aid Day and awareness raising activities will be carried out on "Adapting First Aid Practices to Pandemic". As awareness is gained at an early age, the target groups for this year were determined as children, young people, teachers and parents.

Turkish Red Crescent first aid teams on duty

The Red Crescent and Red Cross teams, which provide the greatest support to the states struggling against the global pandemic, continue to work to create a conscious society in first aid. Turkish Red Crescent, which has been providing first aid awareness training to 2000 thousand 570 people and first aid training with first aid certificate to 306 thousand 207 people with face-to-face trainings since 828, 24 First Aid Training Centers in 32 provinces, 16 Community Centers, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. continues to serve with its capacity and Young Red Crescent First Aid Peer Educators. Recently, according to the guideline published by the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee due to the new type of coronavirus, conceptual issues are given as online training, while all subjects that require practical application are done by face-to-face trainings and protective measures published in the guide.

Psychological first aid to coronavirus patients and their relatives

Red Crescent teams, which also provide basic psychological first aid support for coronavirus patients and their relatives, aim to raise awareness of people about coronavirus symptoms as well as first aid practices adapted to the pandemic. The teams aiming to provide a fast first aid management instead of going to hospitals where the risk of virus transmission is high during injuries and diseases that are not related to coronavirus, aim to raise awareness in people both in safe and hygienic environments where social distance is preserved and online training.

First aid is just a click away

With the first aid application “First Aid” developed by the Turkish Red Crescent in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), first aid services can be easily accessed from IOS and Android stores. The Red Crescent, which reduces the vulnerability of individuals by creating social first aid awareness, aims to provide citizens with comprehensive information about each first aid item with this application. - Hibya News Agency

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