Volkswagen Tests Self-Driving Vehicles on Chinese Roads

China gave the Volkswagen company permission to test its self-driving cars. The manufacturer reported that the executives of the city of Hefei, Anhui province, gave license plate numbers to an Audi fleet from the end of August. It is reported that the pilot project will take place in the very lively Haiheng district of the city with a population of 400. Those who live here will be able to call a driverless vehicle via an application saved on their smartphones.  
It is stated that in addition to residential areas, schools, hospitals, shopping centers and industrial parks are also located in the mentioned district. The fact that the test scenarios are carried out under real conditions as possible within the framework of the existing infrastructure is beneficial and important in terms of realizing the data for the gradual development of technology. 
The first e-vehicle fleet will start wandering the streets of the test zone under the name of 'ezia' from next year. Thus, a total area of ​​16 square kilometers and a road of 80 kilometers will be tested. 
Alexander Pesch, Head of Audi's Driverless Vehicle Center Information Platform in China, stated that Chinese users and consumers have an extremely positive approach to autonomous vehicles. - Hibya

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