New 'Stars' of Data Science to Meet at the Analytical Academy

Yıldız Holding launched the Analytical Academy program to support the adaptation of all employees to data-oriented technologies. The program, which was initiated with the "Analytical Academy Data JOB" for young talents in the first phase, will continue with training modules such as "Data Navigators", "Data Champions" and "Digital Transformers".

Applications for the 'Analytical Academy Data JOB Program, which Yıldız Holding will include new graduates, have been opened in order to ensure optimization in business processes as well as lay the groundwork for a qualified workforce that has knowledge of digital technologies. New graduates from departments such as Computer, Industry, Mathematical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics can apply to the Data JOB Program, and young people who are talented in digital technology and data science are offered career opportunities at Yıldız Holding.

Candidates will be admitted to the Data Job program after the applications to be made to the address "" and the interviews to follow until September 16, 2020. In the program, which will be attended by expert instructors in the field of data science, 2,5-month training will be given to the trainees on topics such as data science basics, statistics, modeling, deep learning, business analysis, optimization, project management.

Tütüncü: "We prepare our employees for the changing business world with digitalization"

Stating that they focus on new projects within the scope of Yıldız Holding's digitalization vision, Yıldız Holding CEO Mehmet Tütüncü said the following for the Analytical Academy: “At Yıldız Holding, we have implemented important projects so far towards becoming a technology-oriented company by following the developments in the digital world. . With the Analytical Academy program we launched in this context, we aim to help our employees adapt to the changing business world with digitalization and contribute to their intellectual knowledge in the field of data literacy. In today's changing business world zamWe believe that those who use the moment correctly will be those who reach the future first, and we are already preparing our employees for the future business world. - Hibya

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