VDF Group Hired 10.000 Cars So Far

each brand and model number of vehicles leased cars and commercial vehicles for fleet rental service, offering a fleet of vdf 3 thousand units sold in just 10 years, Turkey has passed.

The vdf fleet, which was established with the partnership of Doğuş Group and Volkswagen Financial Services AG and started operations within the VDF Group in 2017, zamhas now become one of the most important players in the fleet leasing industry. all brands and models of passenger cars and commercial vehicles sold in Turkey to long-term operational fleet rental service offers a number of vehicles rented the vdf Fleet passed the 3 thousand units in 10 years.

Ünver: "We offer a comprehensive consultancy"

Vdf Group CEO Tijen Akdoğan Ünver said that the success of vdf fleet was achieved by evaluating customers' needs not only from a vehicle perspective, but from a financial management consultancy perspective, and said, “The vdf Group's 20 years of experience in automotive financing is We offer institutions and companies from dozens of sectors. We also provide a comprehensive consultancy to companies by evaluating their vehicle needs financially ”.

We integrated technology into the business process

Underlining that they incorporate the latest technologies in the operational leasing sector into all business processes and will continue to make such investments in the future, Ünver said, “Our customers can instantly access the information and services they need on our website. We automated our operational processes using robot technologies. In this way, our customers more zam"We can take a moment and use our workforce and energy more efficiently."

Öztaş: "While the sector contracted, we achieved a sustainable growth"

vdf Fleet General Manager Didem Altuğlu Öztaş said, “We started out with the vision of not only evaluating the needs of our customers as renting a car, but also optimizing fleet costs, providing consultancy on total cost of ownership and fleet management. We have achieved a continuous growth trend in these 3 years, during which the automotive industry displayed a fluctuating graphic and the operational leasing industry contracted. vdf fleet has become one of the most powerful players in Turkey operational fleet leasing business. Today, we offer operational leasing and consultancy services to many corporate companies ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the retail and financial sector. "We are very happy that we achieved the success of exceeding 10 thousand pieces in a short time."

Most Volkswagen Polo was rented

Carrying out the periodic maintenance and repair of all the vehicles it rented in order to prioritize the safety and comfort of its customers at the authorized service of the relevant brand, vdf Filo has been the most rented car brand Volkswagen to date. While Renault, Skoda and FIAT were the other most preferred brands, the most rented models were Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Passat, Renault Megane, FIAT Egea, Renault Clio and Skoda Octavia. - Hibya News Agency

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