Master Players Met Young People in Bornova, İzmir

Master names of our cinema and theater and young artist candidates met at the Acting Festival held in Bornova. Organized by the cooperation of Bornova Municipality and Imge Cast Agency, the Festival was held on 28-29-30 August at the Black Pine Picnic Area.

bring together young players with master artists nominated for the purpose of the festival as a first held in Turkey, was carried out during three workshops and seminars for theater and film acting. Bayraklı Municipality and Turgutlu Municipality supported the Festival, in-camera acting, creative drama, music-choreography and acting workshops by master artists attracted great attention.

Artists such as Birgül Ulusoy, Ali Yaylı, Asuman Çakır, Nuri Alço, Ali Tutal, Orhan Aydın, Hilmi Erdem, Toygun Ateş, Murat Ercanlı, Pakize Suda and Yaşam Kaya conveyed their experiences to young artists at the festival, which was art director Fatih Ay. Hürkan Ünal, İrem Ery Yüksel Ünal, Gönül Şafak, Mert Taşdemir, Hakan Taner Yıldırım, Nesli Özalp Tuncer and Doğukan İlik talked about the intricacies of their profession with their workshops.

At the end of the Festival, which was colored with the presentations of Hüsniye Çınar, the young actors who staged the introductory parts of the play Violinist on the Roof won the audience's appreciation with their performances. The Acting Festival, which lasted for three days, ended with Can Yiğit Dinç's music recital after the distribution of participation documents. - Hibya

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