Türksat 5A Will Be Sent To Space By SpaceX


The countdown has begun for Türksat 5A. Turksat 5AElon Musk's company SpaceX Speaking about the Turksat 5A, Ali Taha Koç, President of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office, stated that the Türksat 5A satellite, which is being produced by Airbus D&S and will change the stability in the sky, will be sent to space by SpaceX at the end of the year.

Coach, said in a statement, Turkey's satellite, the most valuable satellite operator Turksat Inc. said it would idle commissioned by the 31 degrees East location.

Will be sent at the end of 2020

Turksat 5a services into the broadcasting field, as well as Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and the coach declared that she owned in the coverage area encompassing South Africa, "Airbus D & S by which continues to manufacture the sky will change the stability Turksat 5A satellite, end of year "It will be sent to space by SpaceX."

Coach, by the term would be Turksat 5 4 communications satellite in Turkey's active satellite fleet of satellites, "as well as draw attention on Satellite to be a basis for the increased interest in the science of space Presidential Digital Conversion Office was launched 10 questions competitions through Twitter. "Surprise gifts will be given with the draw to be held on September 13, 2020 in the middle of the users who answered the questions correctly."

Koç brought to the language that informative question and answer images about Türksat and Göktürk satellites were broadcast in the 25-question series, in which the first one was asked on August 10. Expressing that there is a 24-hour response deadline for each question, Koç stated that the answers are explained with interesting animated cinemas. Stating that users who are interested in technical bets are particularly interested in the competition, Koç used the following expressions: “When the answers to the questions are examined, it is seen that the competition has reached its goal. Many users leave their researched information about the bet at the bottom of the question, besides the answer, and it also benefits other users.

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