Metal Industrialists' Union of Turkey: Give Way to Digital Conversion Industry

Turkey Metal Industrialists' Union (MESS) Chairman Özgür Burak Akkol, our President made inaugurated by Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said MESS Technology Center would make the country's leading industrial transformation in Turkey. Akkol, “The MESS Technology Center is the world's largest digital transformation and competence development center. Our center will drive the digital transformation of the industry. It will increase national income and employment. We will be with our members in their digital transformation journey. "This will be our country's gateway to tomorrow."

The Technology Center, established on 10 thousand square meters in Istanbul Ataşehir, is an industrial company It will offer all services required for digital transformation under one roof.

Turkey's Union of Metal Industries (MESS), the result of four years of intensive and extensive work completed MESS Technology Center's official opening, by our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was held on 29 August. Which aims to give direction to the digital transformation of the industrial center, Turkey will work to further strengthen the global competition.

The MESS Technology Center, which was realized with an investment of more than 200 million TL, will increase the national income and employment by increasing the efficiency in industrial companies. The technology center, built on 10 thousand square meters in Istanbul Ataşehir, will provide all the services required for the digital transformation of an industrial company under a single roof.

MESS Chairman Burak Ozgur Akkol: "MESS Technology Center, Turkey will give direction to the future"

Stressing Turkey's powerful MESS Technology Center will be a turning point for tomorrow MESS Chairman Burak Ozgur Akkol, "MESS, the accumulation of our 241 members and we represent the future of our industry. We contribute over $ 30 billion to the economy every year. In our country, 37 percent of exports are made by MESS members. Our members; It employs more than 200 thousand of our colleagues and provides indirect employment for nearly 1 million citizens. MESS Technology Center will also be a turning point in the future of our country. It will drive the digital transformation of our industry for more employment and national income. "It will be our country's gateway to the future."

Akkol: "In our center, we have introduced many firsts in Turkey and worldwide"

MESS Technology Center, the world and Turkey have underlined the scale of many of the principles in Akkol, said: "Our Technology Center, more than 20 applications in the first world and in Turkey and contains technology. Our digital factory inside the center; sales forecasting the supply chain requirement, with infrastructure integrated from end to end of the production quality management system to the first digital production facility in Turkey. Actual production is done in the plant is the first plant of its kind in Turkey aided with the 5G technology. Same zamCurrently, it is the most advanced digital factory in the world with more than 100 production scenarios it offers. Our digital factory also has the first virtual iron and steel plant in the world, integrated with the control system used in real production facilities. "

Biggest in the world 'digital transformation in industry ' service

Stating that MESS members will first determine where they are in digital transformation and present a roadmap with concrete projects for their progress, Akkol said, “This service is the largest 'digital transformation in industry' service in the world with its widespread access and scope. MESSINA, we offer Digital Transformation of Turkey's largest and most comprehensive training program in the industry. We will provide more than 5 million hours of training to 250 thousand people in 2 years, from company top manager to operator, from engineers to workers. We also offer our members the strongest ecosystem, which includes technology, academia, entrepreneurs and research institutes. "We bring our members together with more than 40 technology and solution providers that have achieved worldwide success on the platform we have created." - Hibya

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