Turkey Formula 1 Tickets on September 15 Sales Quits

Turkey Formula 1 Tickets on September 15 Sales Quits
Turkey Formula 1 Tickets on September 15 Sales Quits

Tickets for the Formula 1TM DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020, which is highly anticipated all over the world, will go on sale on Tuesday, September 15. Intercity Istanbul Park Formula 9RM and again 1 years later brought to Turkey in 14 different categories of tickets will be sold in a wide price range.

giving a big gospel all over Turkey in recent days, the ticket prices will be 30 per day From start to announce Intercity Istanbul Park, this time to apply a discount of up to 24 percent on tickets in all categories during the first 50 hours with a huge campaign which has been realized. Tickets will be available on Biletix at prices ranging from 24 TL to 90 TL in the first 1.900 hours, and between 120 TL and 2.750 TL afterwards.

After nine years together by Intercity brought to Turkey again with great effort, 9-13-14 in the world that November will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park largest motorsports organization of Formula 15RM 's tickets will be sold on September 1. Formula 15TM tickets, which can be accessed via Biletix on Tuesday, September 15 at 12.00:1, will meet sports enthusiasts at prices ranging from 24 TL to 90 TL in the first 1.900 hours, and then from 120 TL to 2.750 TL.

Good news for all of Turkey in recent days by giving 30 days for a large area designated ticket prices will start announcing From Intercity, again, it has launched a campaign will be very happy lovers Formula 1RM. Within the scope of the campaign, early-term prices will be valid with a discount of up to 15 percent on all category tickets from 12:00 on Tuesday, September 50, when the tickets will be available for sale, until the same hour the next day.

Intercity Chairman of the Board Vural Ak: "We will sell the cheapest Formula 1TM tickets in the world"

Stating that their primary consideration while determining ticket prices is to make the Formula 1TM organization accessible to everyone, Intercity Chairman Vural Ak said, “As Intercity Istanbul Park, we have spent a lot of material and moral effort to bring Formula 1TM back to our country. After being given the task of bringing Formula 1TM back to our country under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, we zamWe brought this giant organization to our country without being burdened by our state. We did not leave this effort only to bring Formula 1TM back to our country. We have made great efforts in order to please our people miss a lot for this organization by Turkey. We had extensive discussions with Formula 1TM management regarding ticket prices. Thanks to this effort, we will present the world's cheapest Formula 1TM tickets to the world's most exciting track, Intercity Istanbul Park.

“We offer the tickets of this race, which will be followed by the whole world with great enthusiasm, at intervals suitable for every budget in our country. We announced our first good news recently that in honor of the 30th anniversary of Intercity's establishment, the limited number of tickets will be 30 TL per day. Our current surprise will once again make Formula 1TM lovers very happy. From the moment the tickets are on sale, we are launching a 24-hour campaign. In this context, tickets in all categories will be sold with a discount rate of up to 24 percent during the first 50 hours. We anticipate that there will be a great interest in tickets from the moment they go on sale. "

Discounted combined ticket prices range from 90 TL to 1.900 TL

Formula 14TM tickets, which will be offered for sale in 1 different categories in total, can be purchased in combination to cover training, qualifying tours and the race day. Specially for the 30th anniversary of Intercity's establishment, 30 TL per day, the cheapest combined ticket can reach 90 TL, in the giant organization where the prices go up to 1.900 TL depending on the categories.

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