The Banks Association of Turkey: Information Technology Education Programs

Banks Association of Turkey on issues based on recent years in the banking sector in the digitization highlights new technologies on work, university newly graduated or young people will be the new graduates to improve their practical experiences, to promote their banking practices, enable them to establish a dialogue sector with professionals in order to provide the opportunity to benefit from the experience in their field of technology " Information Technologies Education Programs ”project.

Within the scope of the program, candidates with suitable qualifications for the "Business Analyst Training Program", which will be implemented in the first phase, will be able to apply for participation on Kariyer net between 1-30 September 2020. Young people who are successful in the internet-based exam and interview to be held after the application process will be able to participate in the free distance education program, which has a limited number of quotas and will last about 3 months starting in December. At the end of the program, the participants will be entitled to "Business Analyst Certificate".

New graduates (graduates in 2019 and after) from the science, engineering and administrative sciences faculties of universities or those who will graduate in February 2021 at the latest will be accepted to the "Business Analyst Training Program". An internet based general aptitude test will be applied to applicants who meet this criterion. Those who pass the threshold score will be invited to the remote interview screenings where their knowledge of technology terminology, analytical thinking skills, problem solving and communication skills will be tested.

The start and end dates of the training program, which is planned to begin in December, will be announced in the following days. - Hibya

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