What is Traffic Insurance and Why is it Mandatory?

After each car will have to be done in Turkey is one of the types of insurance compulsory traffic insurance. Compulsory traffic insurance is traffic insurance that must be made mandatory. With this insurance, people secure all material and physical damages to be experienced. According to the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, it is compulsory for all vehicles to be on the traffic to have compulsory traffic insurance with the condition of renewal every year.

In compulsory traffic insurance, which is divided into 2 as main and additional coverage, the main coverage is the coverage in every insurance policy, while the additional coverage is the coverage that the vehicle owner can make if requested.

Who Pays the Damage of Traffic Insurance?

traffic insurance The biggest benefit of having it done is to pay the damages given to the other party. In the event of an accident, if there is no other party to be addressed, your traffic insurance will not pay the damages related to the accident. The importance of traffic insurance is to cover damages caused to third parties other than yourself.

If the damage only belongs to your vehicle in a traffic accident that affects you while driving with your vehicle, it is not covered by the traffic insurance. For example, if you hit your vehicle against the wall, your vehicle was damaged. You cannot cover this damage with traffic insurance. If you have a guarantee such as additional insurance and automobile insurance, you can protect your own vehicle with the coverage of automobile insurance except for the compulsory traffic insurance you have made.

Why do we have to have Traffic Insurance?

Compulsory automobile insurance to make, taking in the Republic of Turkey is obliged limits. This obligation is made to protect the rights of vehicle owners. In case of vehicle accidents in traffic in any way, traffic insurance is made with the aim of protecting the vehicle owner and undertaking the material and physical damages against all kinds of damage to the other party.

It means that a vehicle owner is freed from financial liabilities that will occur in the event of a compulsory traffic insurance in a traffic accident that is at fault. All material damages and bodily damages to the passengers that may occur in a traffic accident are covered by the traffic insurance. Any hospital expenses arising from this accident, in case of death, financial compensation is paid by the driver's traffic insurance if the driver is at fault.

In cases where compulsory traffic insurance, whose main purpose is as stated, penalty sanctions are applied. In places where compulsory traffic insurance is not provided, penalties will be imposed for vehicles in the traffic if the policy is not renewed. In completely uninsured vehicles, the use of the vehicle in traffic is prevented by the traffic police authorities and it is connected to be removed from the traffic.

What Does Compulsory Traffic Insurance Cover?

Your compulsory traffic insurance covers financial damages in the event of an accident. Traffic insurance, to live within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey in an accident or if you are guilty you give to the other party provides welcome event of a loss. Traffic insurance is also valid for drivers and passengers in the opposite vehicle, including death. In addition, the lawyer to live in, court expenses, etc. Compulsory traffic insurance pays all of these costs for all expenses.

How to Query Traffic Insurance?

Close by public institutions zamThanks to many inquiries made with e-Government, now all inquiries regarding traffic insurance can be done online. In this way, you can query vehicle traffic insurance via E-Devlet. For quick and practical questioning, http://www.turkiye.gov.tr/sbm-trafik-police-sorgulama You can log in to the e-Devlet system directly, write your vehicle's license plate, search for compulsory traffic insurance and access the traffic insurance policy of the vehicle with the Search button.

In online inquiries via the e-Government system, you can only make inquiries about your own vehicles. Thus, in your compulsory traffic insurance inquiries, you can inquire by writing the license plate of your vehicle, and you cannot query someone else's vehicle.

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