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In these days, when we interrupt face-to-face education due to Covid-19, all parents are making efforts to ensure that their children's education is not interrupted. Digital College, which was established with the aim of bringing students to a quality education, will support students to spend this challenging distance education process in the most efficient way.

Supports education

Digital College is a service provider to support education that will continue remotely through EBA with MEB resources during Covid-5 with live classroom lessons from 12th to 19th grade, online content, homework and weekly parent information reports.

Expert names guided

Turkey's first and only technology-oriented college Tink, Technology and Human Colleges, the founder Zeynep Dereli leadership, Ferruh established in the management of the Digital College Gurtas same zamnow there is an advisory board of the world's most valuable education leaders. Prof. Üstün Ergüder, Vikas Pota and Prof. Paris de L'Etraz guides the Digital College team with their expertise in educational pedagogy.

Reporting to parents

Digital College offers Basic and Technology Education Packages in Secondary School and Digital, Verbal and Technology Education Packages in High School.

The training packages include:

 There are 5 live classroom lessons per day from 12th to 2th grade.

 Lessons are 30 minutes and it takes 30 minutes of study between each lesson.

 Presentations and contents to be used by the teacher in every lesson. Lesson over the Digital College system.

It is forwarded to the students for repetition at the end.

 Parents are informed after the attendance in lessons.

 A project to be carried out with individual and classmates to reinforce the gains for each lesson

homework given.

 Possibility to track students' achievements with Weekly Analysis Reports of parents.

 The MEB calendar is followed in Digital College.

 Morning (9: 00-11: 00) or evening (17: 00-19: 00) plan options are available.


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