Tekirdağ City Hospital Is Counting Days To Enter Service

Tekirdağ, which stands out with the projects implemented recently, is counting the days to reach the City Hospital built by Akfen Construction. The hospital, whose construction works have come to the end, is expected to be operational after receiving by the Ministry of Health.

There are 486 polyclinics, 124 operating rooms and 18 intensive care units in the 102-bed City Hospital, which will make Tekirdağ a center of attraction in the health field. In the hospital, which costs 1 billion 500 million TL, 700 people will be employed as service personnel, in addition to the health personnel.

Akfen Construction Board Chairman Selim Akın, who undertook the construction of Tekirdağ City Hospital, stated that they are proud of bringing in an investment that will support the development of Tekirdağ in recent years and said, "We are proudly waiting for the hospital to be put into service".

Tekirdag in Turkey in recent years intervening between popular residential developments in all areas are showing, by Akfen Construction Public-Private Partnership (PPP Public Private Partnership) model is counting the days to be reunited with the construction undertaken by the City Hospital.

While waiting in line for examination and surgery in the old hospital, which has been operating for many years with Tekirdağ City Hospital, is now a thing of the past, citizens will meet with five-star hotel standards free of charge.

Tekirdağ City Hospital, which will be an important pillar of city hospitals that will bring citizens together with the latest technological services in the field of health, stands out as a giant investment with a construction area of ​​158 thousand square meters. The project, which cost 1 billion 500 million lira, makes Tekirdağ a center of attraction in health as the most important hospital in the region with its 486 beds.


Akfen Construction Chairman Selim Akın, Akfen Construction General Manager Mesut Coşkun Ruhi and Akfen Construction Deputy General Manager Uğur Kılınç were present at the press conference held for Tekirdağ City Hospital.

Stating that the project has reached the stage where it will be completed in a short period of 24 months as promised in the contract and will be offered to the service of the citizen, Akfen Construction Chairman Selim Akın stated that the hospital will be operational after the delivery procedures are made by the Ministry of Health.

Akın said, “We are proud to be a part of a project that brings Tekirdağ the latest technology and equipment of the healthcare system. Turkey and as a group has undertaken huge projects in the world in 2017, Isparta, we have also demonstrated our expertise in the health sector completed the previous year in Eskisehir City Hospitals. Now, with great pride, we are waiting for Tekirdağ City Hospital to be put into service ”.

Selim Akın stated that they have implemented 3 thousand 2 beds with 322 city hospitals completed.


The Ministry of Health will be a tenant for 25 years in Tekirdağ City Hospital, which will provide "free" health services to citizens under the status of a public hospital. The responsibility of all medical services in the system will be covered by the Ministry of Health, and all services such as information processing, security, cleaning, dining hall and parking lot, and Akfen İnşaat, which undertakes the construction and operation of the hospital. With the completion of the hospital, where 1250 jobs were created during construction, 700 people were fully employed as service personnel. zamwill serve instantly.


486 of the 374 beds of Tekirdağ City Hospital were allocated to the general hospital bed capacity. This capacity is distributed as 162 single persons and 107 double persons. While 2 rooms were reserved for the burn unit in the hospital, 8 prisoners' rooms were also included. The infrastructure of 162 of the 80 single rooms in the hospital was prepared for a double room. Accordingly, in Tekirdağ City Hospital, 80 more beds can be added under necessary conditions and the bed capacity can be increased up to 566.

Tekirdağ City Hospital will also stand out in terms of intensive care capacity due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has recently affected the world. While 102 of 46 intensive care beds in the hospital are allocated as general intensive care, there are 27 newborn, 16 pediatric, 5 CVC and 8 coronary intensive care beds.


Tekirdağ City Hospital, which includes 124 polyclinics and 18 operating theaters of international standards, will also be the center of firsts in terms of its features. The hospital will have 4 single beds for mother-baby and 14 special beds in the mother hotel, which will be the first in the Thrace region. The IVF center, which will be an innovation for the region, will also be located in the hospital.

The hospital will bring innovations to the region, especially for cancer patients. Tekirdağ City Hospital will also have a Pet-CT unit that speeds up the process of diagnosing cancer patients and saves lives. For this service, which will be completely free of charge, local people will no longer leave the province. A 7-bed radioactive iodine treatment unit will also serve. The hospital will also have 1 Linear Accelerator device with the most advanced technology in the radiation oncology department.


Tekirdağ City Hospital, which will be among the few hospitals in its region with its world-class advanced technology medical equipment, has a device park where all tests can be performed in the same place in the fields of Biochemistry - Microbiology - Pathology - Genetics.

18 Anesthesia Devices, 22 Dialysis Devices, 50 ECG Devices, 2 Effort, 6 sleeping beds, 8 ECO Devices, 1 ESWL Stone Breaking Device, 1 Eye Phaco Device, 27 Holter ECG, 255 Patient Monitors, 105 Ventilators, 15 Transport ventilators, There are 5 USG Doppler, 1 Mammography, 1 bone densitometry, 1 puva device, 6 x-rays, 1 MR and 2 Tomography Devices.


The giant facility that will open its doors in Tekirdağ is the same zamCurrently Turkey will be one of the primary seismic isolators city hospital. There are exactly 651 earthquake insulators installed in each of the hospital's bearing columns. Thanks to this system, Tekirdağ, which has a potential big earthquake risk, will reduce the impact in case of a possible shock and the work in the hospital will continue without interruption.

In Tekirdağ City Hospital, built with the smart building concept, efficient heating and cooling with trigeneration was implemented. Thanks to the solar energy panels on the 'green roof' of the building of 6 thousand square meters, the hot water of the hospital is met from the sun. There are 35 outdoor children's playgrounds in the hospital, which has a private landscape and green area of ​​2 thousand square meters.

Tekirdağ City Hospital has 1054 open and 297 closed parking lots for 1351 vehicles, as well as a 1 kilometer bicycle path, helipad and free valet service.


  • Land Area: 114 thousand square meters
  • Construction Area: 158 thousand square meters
  • Bed Capacity: 486
  • Number of Polyclinics: 124
  • Operating Rooms: 18
  • Number of Intensive Care Beds: 102
  • Number of New Born Intensive Care Beds: 27
  • Pediatric Intensive Care: 16
  • Mental health bed capacity: 24
  • Palliative bed capacity: 22
  • Earthquake Isolator: 651
  • Outdoor Parking Capacity: 1054
  • Parking Garage Capacity: 297
  • Employment: 700
  • Investment Value: 1 billion 500 million TL

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