HUGO BOSS Became the Most Valuable Employer Award Winner of Stevie Awards

The awards found their owners at the 15th Stevie Awards this year. HUGO BOSS Textile Industry, which has been recognized by the HUGO BOSS Group as one of the most important information sources in the fields of production skills, technical knowledge and innovation since its establishment in Izmir in 1999, was awarded the Bronze Stevie Award in the Most Valuable Employer category.

The jury members of the Most Valuable Employer category of the Stevie Awards evaluated organizations according to the actions they took against Covid-19 this year. HUGO BOSS Textile Industry has impressed the jury members with the measures and comprehensive health measures it has implemented since the first days of the epidemic. These actions include providing the flexibility to work from home, redesigning the break and dining areas, disinfecting common areas, increasing the number of common vehicles, distributing masks and visors, and providing various Covid-19 trainings. In the same period, HUGO BOSS Textile Industry, which provides visor support to hospitals in the region in the field of social benefit, offered free online personal development seminars and home sports suggestions for its employees. In addition to the weekly video updates where corporate spokespersons evaluated the developments, the widespread use of the in-house mobile application also supported the entire process on the internal communication side.

Stevie Awards given to companies have a great recognition all over the world. The awards are distributed each year under eight different Stevie award programs. This year, nearly 700 professionals from all over the world took part in the jury committee of the Stevie Awards, where more than 100 organizations from all over the world competed to be evaluated in categories related to human resources. - Hibya

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