Sonic Cold Brew: Cold Coffee with Sound Wave

Bringing a new dimension to concept coffee retailing with its innovative brewing methods, SONIC COLD BREW changes the standards with Sonic Cold Brew.

Cold Brew, which has become indispensable for coffee lovers in hot weather and is described as cold brew, is known as a type of coffee with long extraction process. Since the extract amount of Cold Brew, which is brewed for 12-22 hours using cold or room temperature water, is limited, drinking a quality coffee requires effort and expertise.

Enjoy Fresh Cold Brew in a Short Time with Sound Wave

Turkey's first 5th generation coffee shop opened its doors with the concept Kaave, has developed a new "Cold Sonic Brew" with each kahvesever zamIt brings together the same standard of aroma and freshness with the taste of coffee. Sonic Cold Brew, by connecting the sound waves of the speaker magnetic circuit to a new precise vertical vibration (sonic sound wave) and which has been steeped in the extraction method first developed by Kaave in Turkey. The resulting vibrations, together with the friction between the coffee particles, create a water wave called the "Sonic Sound Wave". Thanks to this method, Cold Brew coffee can be obtained with better performance between 12 and 22 minutes instead of 5 to 60 hours.

While the long brewing time increases the caffeine ratio of Cold Brew coffees, Sonic Cold Brew method keeps the caffeine ratio more balanced than other cold brewing methods without compromising the aroma of the coffee.

Qualified and Quality Coffee

In Sonic Cold Brew, which is developed by the Kaave R&D team as a result of meticulous studies, freshly ground coffee is brewed in a short time, making it more qualified and quality than classical Cold Brew. In addition, the short brewing time prevents the hygiene problems that may occur without allowing bacteria to grow.   

Safe and fresh Sonic Cold Brew coffees can be experienced at Kaave Shops, which offer different tastes to the palates with new brewing methods using innovative technologies. - Hibya

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