Last Minute: New Era in Vehicle Inspections


In Turkey, the vehicle inspection services, conducting three partners TÜVTÜRK. These partners are Doğuş Group, TÜV SÜD and Bridgepoint respectively. Vehicle inspection fee is increased at the rate of revaluation every year. With the increase in the revaluation rate of 2020 percent determined for 22.58, the vehicle inspection fee for the automobile, 342,50 tbsp happened. The exhaust emission fee is also 80 tbspHe went out.

Citizens reacted to this increase. Zamasked to be reviewed. Let's just say. There is no study on discounts. On the other hand, the focus is on payment options other than cash.


It is being talked about at the backstage in Ankara that there is a work to pay the vehicle inspection fee by credit card. It was stated that this study reached a certain stage.

Is there an installment? Authorities said that if the relevant bank offers an opportunity or option in this regard, it will be possible to make installments. He noted that the bank's position is important. - HABERTURK

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