August Statistics Regarding Vehicle Advertisements Announced

announced the data for the month of August for the vehicle advertisements. According to the report, the most automobile advertisements were made in August. Car ads were followed by Minivan & Panelvan, Land, SUV & Pick-up, Motorcycle and Commercial Vehicles.

The ranking of the most advertised automobile brands was Renault, Volkswagen, Opel, Ford and Fiat, while Opel - Astra, Renault - Clio, Volkswagen - Passat, Ford - Focus and Renault - Megane stood out in the model ranking. The most advertised Land, SUV & Pick-up brand was Nissan.

According to August data; mostly white, black, gray, silver gray and red; Advertisements were given for cars with diesel fuel type and model year 2015.

The most advertised automobile engine volume in August was determined as the range of 1301 - 1600 cm3. Among all advertisements, 20% of the vehicles were in the range of 100 - 150 thousand kilometers, while 32% were offered for sale between 50.001 TL - 100.000 TL.

On, ad ministers were most interested in Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, Opel and Ford cars in August.

While vehicles were inspected mostly between 22:00 and 23:00 at night, the average viewing time for advertisements was 10 minutes 44 seconds.

Nazım Erdogan, Deputy General Manager for Marketing, from the owner, who evaluated the August automobile data; “With the introduction of the concept of social distance in our lives during the pandemic period, people turned to buying cars to be able to travel alone. Same zamAt the moment, with the loan support packages implemented by the public banks to support vehicle buyers in June, the recovery of the demand accumulated during the pandemic and the seasonal effect in the summer months like every year, the automobile sector became active. June-July and August were a period of intense second-hand vehicle trade. We expect this dynamism to continue in the upcoming period, ”he said. - Hibya

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