The Best Practice Award in the Healthy Life Category goes to Darülaceze

Turkey Healthy Cities held on 11th of this year by the Union of 35 member municipalities of the 102 project she referred to as "Healthy Cities Awards Competition of Best Practices" found their owners. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Department Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate was awarded the best practice award in the Healthy Living category with its “Get a Healthy Age” project.

The project organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Department, Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate in 2020; “Creating a Sharing City by Meeting Social Needs Equally and Inclusively” was planned with the strategy of “Developing Services for Social Groups Who Cannot Reach Equal Rights”.

Within the scope of the "Get Healthy Age" project in Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Department, a special facility called Health Life Center was opened in 2020.

In the facility where supportive alternative health practices are also used; There are health units such as "Salt Room", "Reflexology", "Color and Music Therapy", "Jacuzzi (Hydrotherapy)", Turkish Bath and Pool.

These therapies; specialized in the field; It is performed by experts such as doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, music therapists.

Healthy Cities, organized by the Association of Turkey Healthy Cities for Best Application Contest for Healthy Living category, the award winners out of 8 project "Healthy Age Takes Project" pandemic period, with a special emphasis on the development of new health practices in nursing and elderly.

The IMM Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate provides services to individuals with an average age of 72 and who have at least one chronic illness, who are approximately 700 years old; With the management and organization practices it carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has signed the number of Zero Cases.

Upon the success of "Zero Case" implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the studies on the management and organization practices of the Istanbul Darülaceze Directorate of the IMM Health Department were also included in academic articles in Europe.

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