Healthy Ideas Short Film Competition


Applications for the “Healthy Ideas Short Film Competition” organized by the Green Crescent for the 5th time this year have started. The theme of the contest, which will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was determined as “Drug Addiction from the Eyes of the Youth”. Competition, Turkey-wide undergraduate and graduate students studying at all levels can join with fictional or documentary genre in the works. Applications 31 Range continues until the date.

Stating that they are very happy to continue the competition in its 5th year President of the Green Crescent, Prof. Dr. Mujahid Ozturk“We made a format change this year in the competition that we have organized as a short film script contest for 4 years. With this change, we want young people not only to think and write about drug addiction, but also to report this problem from their own cameras. Because we know that cinema; It has the potential to make a significant contribution to our struggle with its art, language and sphere of influence, so that we can reach more people. Thus, we aim to prevent drug abuse, especially among young people, by revealing the negative effects of drug addiction on human and public health. He believes that we will encounter very creative and beautiful works this year as in previous years; We look forward to seeing the works to apply, ”he said.

Applications can be made to the Healthy Ideas Short Film Competition with fictional or documentary films between 12 seconds and 45 minutes, shot in the last 4 months. While students can apply with a maximum of 3 works, they can also apply with films shot by groups of up to 4 people. Applications short performed from.

"People's Favorite" vote will be held

The applicant works, Cinema and TV faculty of Turkey's major universities, film critics and will be judged by a jury that includes names such as acclaimed director Dervis Zaim.

First, second and third prizes will be awarded in documentary and fiction genres in the competition. In both categories, the first 15 thousand TL, the second 10 thousand TL and the third 5 thousand TL will be awarded.

The owner of the works deemed worthy of the Ministry of Culture Special Award will also receive a reward of 5 TL. In addition, by voting on the Green Crescent website, the “people's favorite” will be determined and this work will also be awarded the Green Crescent 5th Year Special Award of 100 thousand TL.

Detailed information and announcements about the competition You can reach from the web address. - Hibya

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