Roketsan Keeps the Pulse of the Rocket and Missile Industry!


Land, air, sea and Roketsan allowing our country to acquire the most modern defense technology of our era the development of our combat capacity, today serve for a stronger Turkey with an army of 3200 people technology.

Turkish scientists, engineers and technicians have been producing systems that are effective under the sea, in the air and now in space for the domestic and national defense industry for 32 years, increasing the competitive power of our country. Many technologies and products we have been waiting for for years have landed on the field from Roketsan production lines.

MIZRAK, the artillery rocket with the longest range of its class in the world, CİRİT, which has the longest range, and ATMACA, one of the most advanced naval missiles in the world, were produced by Roketsan. BORA, the longest land-to-ground weapon system in our country, intelligent ammunition types and air defense systems used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) helped eliminate threats in the operations carried out by our Mehmetçi. Our short time in the first of many in the world and Turkey managed to defense industry brand was again Roketsan!

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