Parts of Rahmi M.Koç Museum and Exhibits

Rahmi M. Koç Museum is an industrial museum in the Hasköy district of Istanbul, on the shore of the Golden Horn. In 1994, businessman Rahmi Koc museum opened with the support of industry in Turkey, transport, it is the first major museum dedicated to the history of industry and communications.

Events, concerts and special exhibitions are often held at the museum. One of these is the "Leonardo: Universal Genius Exhibition", which opened at the end of 2006, is the exhibition of machine samples created from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings.


Lengerhane is used in shipping, to mean the place where the chain thrown into the sea and the anchor at its end are produced. The building in Hasköy, one of the most known Lengerhouses in Istanbul and the Ottomans, has been one of the sections of the museum since 1996. On the foundations of a 12th century Byzantine building, in the 18th century, III. It was founded in the period of Ahmed. III. Selim zamIt was instantly restored and became the Cibali Tobacco Factory after the establishment of the Republic. The roof of the building was severely damaged in a fire in 1990. It remained abandoned until it was purchased by the “Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Cultural Foundation” on 22 August 1996.

Some of the most striking works in this section are the research tools and machines belonging to the Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory. In addition, there is a French cuisine restaurant called “Café du Levant” next to the Lengerhane building, where transportation vehicles such as planes, locomotives, historical vehicles, toys and models, printing machines and communication devices are displayed.


The shipyards, which are used as the exhibition area of ​​the Rahmi M. Koç Museum today, were built in 1861 by the Firma-i Hayriye (currently İDO) for the maintenance and repair of the ferries. Shipyard was taken for the museum zamAt the moment it consisted of 14 buildings, a carpentry shop and sledges.

The works exhibited in this section are the maritime collection, objects belonging to the history of computers, motorcycles and bicycles, horse carriages, oxcartes, classic cars, artifacts related to rail transport, agricultural objects, olive oil factory and underwater collection. In addition, Rahmi Koç gallery is located in this section.

Outdoor exhibition area

In addition to organizing activities in the forecourt on the shore of the Golden Horn, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, TCG Uluçalireis Submarine, Vernicos Irini steam tugboat and industrial archaeological examples are exhibited. There is also a 130-person conference hall, bazaar, boat and ship machines.


The main works of the museum collection, which consists of thousands of important objects, especially industry and transportation, are:

  • TCG Uluçalireis Submarine
  • 1917 Albion X-Ray Tool
  • 1961 Amphicar
  • 1898 Malden Steam Car
  • Olive Oil Factory
  • Traditional Shops
  • Raiding Wagon
  • G10 Locomotive
  • Riva Aquarama
  • Thomas Edison Patented Model
  • Douglas DC-3 "Dakota"
  • "SS Kalender" Ship Steam Engine
  • B-24 Liberator "Hadley's Harem"


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