What is PTT Bank Wire Transfer? How to Make Domestic and International Money Transfer from PTT?

You can transfer money to your own or someone else's bank account through PTT. With the PTT Bank Transfer service, a sender can order a money transfer to PTT so that the money deposited in PTT is paid to a person whom he or she has indicated as the recipient. Able to send money transfers at home and abroad via PTT Bank

PTT Bank Domestic Transfer Service

By applying to any PTT nationwide, you can instantly send money transfers to the name and address you want, and even make the remittances paid at the recipient residences.

If you have a postal check account and have your account open to interactive use from our Centers, you can perform this transaction with the interactive postal check service from your computer or mobile phone wherever there is an internet connection.

  • Transfers you send are instantly forwarded online to their destinations.
  • You can also send your money orders in USD or EURO.

Additional services applied to wire transfers are as follows;

  • Delivery in Residence: You can request that the money you send up to a certain amount (5.000,00 TL for today) be paid at the recipient's address.
  • Postrestant (Delivery at PTT Workplace): You can send your money to be paid at the PTT office of your choice.
  • Notification by Phone: With this additional service, you can request the recipient to be informed by phone that the transfer has been received.
  • Fees for domestic transfer service here You can reach.

PTT Bank International Transfer Service

By applying to any of our workplaces, you can send money abroad by mail, electronically (EUROGIRO) and Western Union.

You can send money transfers to TRNC and Azerbaijan online.

Countries Where Electronic Transfer (EUROGIRO) Service Is Provided
Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania

Western Union Wire Transfer Service

Western Union, a fast, easy and widespread money transfer service with which you can transfer money in minutes worldwide, is offered to you from more than 4.000 workplaces.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus and Ukraine from all over Turkey "Next Day" service application maintained; On-line services are also provided to the same countries at an affordable price; Turkey also all from Russia, America, China and Morocco, in appropriate fee is on-line admission process will also be made to accept Western Union transfer fees "List of fee scalesIt is stated in.

Cheap Money Transfer Abroad (UPT) at PTT Workplaces

You can send money quickly, cheaply and securely to more than 100 countries in minutes and receive (UPT) service from abroad at all PTT workplaces! ...

You can transfer money to IBAN / Account / Name in USD and EURO with UPT from all PTT Offices.

For countries of operation Click here.

Why UPT; Because Fast, Cheap, Safe and Easy 

You can come to nearly 4000 PTT workplaces and send your money safely by filling out just one form with UPT for a low transaction fee in a few minutes, or you can receive your incoming money in minutes with your valid identity document.

To send money; Go to the nearest PTT workplace with your valid identity document (Identity Card, Driver's License, Passport, Residence Document) and fill in the money transfer form.

Give the delivery fee and the shipping fee to the teller, either in TL, USD or EURO.

Please send the reference number of your UPT transaction to your recipient.

To get money; For money transfer sent to your name, you can get your money by going to the nearest PTT office with the reference number of the transaction and your valid identity document (Identity Card, Driver's License, Passport, Residence Document).

For transaction fees related to Cheap Money Transfer (UPT) Click here. (transaction fee table)

You can reach UPTA.Ş. on 0 850 724 0 878.

How is PTT Bank Mobile Transfer to Mobile?

With the Mobile Transfer service, users who have a PTTBank account can transfer money to someone else's mobile phone number via the PTT Intenet Branch, Mobile Application or PTTmatik.

With the Mobile Transfer service offered to customers by PTT, customers can perform their money transfer transactions within seconds. After the mobile transfer transaction is made, a password is sent to the remittance sender and an information SMS is sent to the recipient of the transfer. The recipient must enter the password and amount information and withdraw the money sent within 24 hours.

If the money sent by the Mobile Transfer transaction is not withdrawn within 24 hours, the transfer is canceled. After the transfer is canceled, the money sent is transferred back to the sender's account. When withdrawing money via PTTmatik, the recipient's TR identity number, mobile phone number, password sent via SMS and money order amount are required to be entered.

In Mobile Money Transfer transaction, the transaction fee is provided as 2 TL. Mobile transfers can be made up to 2 times a day and a total of 500 TL, a maximum of 4 times a week and a total of 1000 TL, a maximum of 6 times a month and a total of 1500 TL.

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