Speed ​​Up Your International Mail With PTT APG

Reflecting its mail experience gained over the years with the launch of PTT Cargo in 2008, PTT A.Ş. zaminstantly ”.

APG (Urgent Mail Delivery) is the priority service provided by PTT to 110 countries within the framework of bilateral agreements signed with the destination postal authorities, which you can use for your overseas shipments that you want to be delivered to the recipient immediately.

Thanks to the IPS (International Postal Systems) program, which PTT is a user of, monitoring of APGs is carried out in the form of electronic information exchange with 90 countries. In addition, APGs can be tracked on the website by the sender / receiver or the destination country.

The APG service includes private messenger, aircraft additional services and no additional charges are applied.

In case of the loss, theft or damage of these shipments, compensation is paid to the right holders within the framework of bilateral agreements between the countries.

The period for requesting information about these shipments is limited to 4 months, starting from the day after the shipment is posted.

To countries open to PTT Express Mail Service by clicking hereYou can reach.

Commercial APG Service

Within the scope of indirect representation and simplified procedure, e-commerce products with a value of up to 7500 Euros are accepted without any additional charge. Customs declaration is given by our company before the shipments are exported. Customs declaration number is sent to them via e-mail upon request of the customers. With this declaration number, customers are able to receive tax returns from "Vedop".

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