PETZOO Antalya Fair Opens

PETZOO Antalya Mediterranean Pet Products Fair will be opened to visitors with a ceremony to be held on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 11.00 at the Expo Antalya Fairground. At the fair, where the latest products and services for many pet species such as cats, dogs, birds, fish will take place, food, feed, toys, cosmetics, care products, supportive health products, sand, aquarium, cleaning products, special clothes and accessories will be presented to your liking. A warm fair that will be the scene of colorful scenes with cat and dog competitions, various shows, pet fashion shows, breed competitions, pet hairdressers competition and special events organized by associations and federations awaits animal friends. The fair, which will be open to visitors for 17 days between 20-4 September, is also the first in its field in the Mediterranean Region.

National Fairs General Manager Selçuk Çetin, the organizer of the PETZOO fairs, in which 603 companies from Turkey and abroad have attended and visited by 182.745 people, said, “With PETZOO Antalya Mediterranean Pet Products Fair, we aim to attract the attention of the industry and all animal friends to Antalya in 2020. 12 million strong population, the number of tourists close to 15 million, with pet products store, the clinic, the first time pet products in the purchasing power to buy Turkey, which is included in the groups with the highest Mediterranean area and we are proud to be organizing the fair.

PETZOO, the most efficient and effective commercial platform for sector companies to open up throughout the country and establish international connections, continues to work in different cities as a platform focused on expanding the market, developing the sector and increasing exports. PETZOO, which enables the pet products industry to come together, contributes to the market growth as the meeting point of national and international sector representatives and zamIt is now an investment for the future ”.

Turkey Dog Breeds and Cynology Federation, Turkey Cat Federation, Turkey Canary and Cage Bird Federation, Turkey ornamental chickens and garden attached to the animal Federation of associations and many other associations by events over 4 days, competitions will be held.

It was stated that the necessary warnings about the epidemic would be made regularly with audio and video, and even more of the measures requested by the relevant ministries were taken.

The Contactless Pass System was put into use by Ulusal Fuarcılık, and that visitors can visit the fair with the least possible contact. - Hibya

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