Immune System Health Is Very Important During The Pandemic Process

In the shadow of the pandemic process, the new education year, which started with distance education on August 31, is transitioning to a system where face-to-face and distance education will take place as of September 21, starting with pre-school and first-grade students. While the fear of viruses prevails in parents, experts emphasize the importance of keeping the immune system strong in this process.

The news about face-to-face education that millions of students and parents were waiting for came from President Erdogan after the cabinet meeting. According to the statement, an application is considered where the preference of families with face-to-face and distance education is at the forefront. While the eyes are waiting for September 21 with curiosity, experts make a statement about the protection of children's immunity. 

We Can Think of the Immune System Like a Police

Remarking that the immune system protects the body against microbes, Romatem Kocaeli Hospital Internal Diseases Specialist. Hüseyin Yağmur Duraksoy said, “We can think of this system as a police officer. It patrols all over our body and seeks support if it finds a discomfort. It is necessary to pay more attention during this period. Babies come out of the womb zamThey are born with this defense mechanism with the factors they receive from the mother and milk. But zamIrregular diet, toxins in our environment, and insomnia cause this defense system to weaken. Regularly washing hands, eating healthy, adding movement to children's lives and regular sleep are among the sine qua non for the immune system. "We don't have old normals in our lives anymore, so we have to act according to our new normals". 

You Should Not Skip Breakfast

Stressing that perhaps the most important rule of strengthening immunity and being resistant to infections is to pay attention to the diet, Romatem Kocaeli Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Selin Cengiz said, “It is very important to have a strong immune system in the fight against the virus. Eating breakfast every day improves mental performance. In order for our immune system to be strong, we need a balanced and high quality diet. The first rule of balanced and high quality nutrition; To make the meals full and most importantly not to skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not enough, no matter how strong and healthy we make the next meals. He said that there is not enough saturation and many nutrients may be deficient. "

It should not be cooked too much

Cengiz continued his words as follows: “Both fresh vegetables and cooked vegetables have a great effect on strengthening the immune system. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant content. However, vegetables were cooked. zamThey should not be overcooked to prevent loss of vitamin B and C. In order to get the best use of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, consumption of raw vegetables is also required. In terms of vitamins A and C, vegetables such as red cabbage, onions, carrots and radishes can be added to salads. Especially fish; Nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts should be consumed regularly. The omega-3 content of these foods are nutrients that protect our immunity, prevent further infection and support the brain development of children. Recent research reveals that these fatty acids strengthen immunity by increasing the function of the immune system. Therefore, consumption of fish 2-3 times a week and certain portions of nuts is very important to strengthen the immune system in children. "

Sleep is of Great Importance

“Vitamin D supports the immune system and is very important for health. In winter, due to insufficient daylight intake, vitamin D deficiency can be seen in children as well as adults. Therefore, it is necessary to start supplementation in the autumn months. All babies younger than 1 year old need to supplement with vitamin D all year round. In addition, uninterrupted night sleep is as important as nutrition for the healthy development of children. Melatonin hormone is secreted during sleep, especially in the dark. The secretion of this hormone plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and the same zaminstantly allows the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone. During sleep, the non-functioning muscles of the child are also working to replenish their energy stores. Their brains work and develop while children sleep. He organizes the information he learned in the game while he is awake and records it in his brain. Thus, the connections between neurons are formed and strengthened in the brain ”- Hibya

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