Pandemic Disrupts Spine Health

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, the sedentary life, which became increasingly widespread when the periods of stay at home became longer, began to threaten the spine health. Those who lean towards digital screens such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are faced with posture disorder in the neck and spine. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. İbrahim Akel said, “When we are looking at a mobile phone or tablet, tilting our head forward for a long time, deflecting our head at an angle of 40 degrees, put a load 4-5 times our own head weight on our spine. "Deformation in the discs between the spine, which is not used to this, and hernias in later stages," he said.

Spinal Disorders Become Chronic

Stating that the inactivity offered by technology and living conditions has increased in the coronavirus period in recent years, Prof. Dr. Akel said, “We told people to stay at their homes in order to prevent the infection and cope with the epidemic. We still say this and will probably keep the socialization process long for a while. This inactivity occurred with pain in the spine, waist and back, and more limitation of movement. The patients could not come to hospitals for a while and some musculoskeletal problems started to become chronic. "Now we are facing patients who have been unable to come and have neck back and back problems for a long time."

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