Overwatch League Playoffs Begin

The playoffs will begin with the qualifying matches between the lowest placed teams in a single elimination method. These teams will fight to be placed in playoff groups that will be played in double elimination method. After the two-week playoffs, the remaining four teams will play in the 8 Grand Finals, which will take place from October 10-2020.

We are in a new commodity where barriers have been weakened and tank players' margin of error is now much lower. Today at 00.00:4, we will watch the Washington Justice (17-6), Vancouver Titans (15-11) match. Of these two teams, which are at the bottom of the season rankings of the Overwatch League, Vancouver placed 12th Washington in the 2021th place. Therefore, a single elimination match will determine which team will participate in the playoffs and which team will start training to make a comeback in XNUMX. While their place in the rankings does not scare the hearts of the higher-ranking teams, we should not ignore Washington Justice, who recently added damage player "Decay" (previously in Dallas Fuel) to his roster. We can expect the match on Thursday to be a real thrill, as both teams will try to keep their playoff hopes alive.

On Sunday, double-elimination matches for the top four North American teams will begin. Philadelphia Fusion beats San Francisco Shock 3-0 to make the season breakzam finished in such a way and became the seeded head of the group. Fusion is in case of a mix of stars from top to bottom. Damage player "Carpe" and rookie support "Alarm" are MVP candidates. Also, old All-Star second tank players "Poko" and "Fury" can find a place in the new meta. Philadelphia will play its first game on Saturday and will be able to pick its opponent from the teams that qualify for Thursday and Friday singles.


With the innovations coming with the Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs, fans will also be able to support their favorite teams like never before. Here's what fans can do digitally during this week's playoffs:

  • Fan Tweet Cam: Using the hashtag #crunchtimecam + a team name abbreviation, fans will be sent a photo of the chosen team and the area where they are competing. For example, when you tweet #crunchtimecamATL, you'll get a photo of the Atlanta Reign. All the team abbreviations you can add to the #crunchtimecam hashtag are as follows: ATL, BOS, CHD, DAL, FLA, GZ, HAN, HOU, LON, LAG, LAV, NY, PAR, PHI, SF, SEO, SHD, TOR, VAN and WAS. .
    • Fan Tweet Cam is limited to four matches in total. These are: the three North American matches and the championship game to be played on September 12-13.
  • Broadcast Interfaces: Specific to overwatchleague.com only, some additional functionality will be available to viewers during live streaming. Fans will be able to digitally cheer on their favorite team, make predictions, view team statistics, and access the OWL Store. It is possible to access these features from our country.
  • Fixture Competition
    • Fans who think they can predict how the playoffs will end will have a chance to win the $ 100.000 prize by signing up for the Bracket Challenge.
  • Download Center for Fans: You will be able to download desktop backgrounds, icons and banners for all 20 teams for free!
  • League Symbols: By watching post-season season matches on YouTube, fans will be able to earn League Symbols that can be used to purchase Overwatch League team costumes! - Hibya

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