SEAT: Opens Electromobility Training Center

SEAT established the Electromobility Learning Center (eLC) at the heart of its factory in Martorell. At this center, the brand will offer team employees a complete training program on electric vehicles. With these trainings, employees will be prepared for electric and hybrid vehicle production.

SEAT is preparing for an electric future. In line with the brand's commitment to training and employment, it established its own electromobility training center, the Electromobility Learning Center (eLC). Located in the heart of the Martorell factory, the new 400 square meter building offers a program for the electric vehicle specially designed by SEAT. Goal; to train employees in all aspects of new electrical technology, mechanics and safety related issues.

In the new center, all SEAT employees are provided with an informative training focusing on general knowledge of electric cars. In addition, specialist training is provided to teach how to assemble and disassemble electrical systems and how to operate under high active voltage. Same zamA special course that aims to raise awareness of the importance of safety procedures in electric vehicles among all employees is also included in the program.

The brand also offered an online course on Electric Vehicles Awareness to all of its employees in the recent period when quarantine was implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 8 thousand 600 people attended the course so far. This center will make an additional contribution to SEAT's current training activities. The company offers an ambitious program aimed at promoting the professional development of more than 15 employees and preparing them for the future challenges facing the automotive industry. SEAT allocated 2019 million Euros in 23 to enable its employees to advance in different projects and fields, thus investing 1.500 Euros per person. - Hibya News Agency

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