Ease of Payment with Ödeal API

Turkey "Pocket at the POS" who introduced Ödeal, by providing payment aisle, checkout lines, or even eliminate crates, "Ödeal API" in the name of a new product. With the new product, it is aimed to prevent retailers from losing revenue of up to 43 percent due to long queues and making shopping a nightmare for customers.

Turkey is' in Mobile POS application, who introduced Ödeal; In line with the changing and developing needs and technology, it has developed a new product called “Ödeal API” that enables mobile payment at the aisle.

Up to 43 percent lost revenue due to long queues; shopping for customers turns into a nightmare.

As short as 6 years zamEmphasizing that they have gone through 2 phases as “Pocket POS” and “Cash Register POS” on the basis of products and services at the moment, Ödeal Founding Partner Fevzi Güngör stated that now the “Ödeal API” product can be considered as the 3rd phase in a sense.

“In retail stores, when one in 3 customers has to wait more than five minutes to pay, they leave the store without shopping. Some of those who do not leave do not shop from that store again. Retailers lost up to 43 percent in revenue due to long queues; For customers, shopping becomes a nightmare. With our new product we have developed, we enable customers to complete their shopping easily without creating cash registers and shortening the process time even more. With Ödeal API, retailers can even remove the cash registers, receive payments with POS devices, tablets or mobile phones, and ensure that the shopping is completed instantly. Thus, by contributing to the increase in productivity as well as customer satisfaction; to our merchants as both customers and zamWe offer very valuable added value such as moment gain. In addition, with the e-invoice and e-archive service we offer, we prevent paper waste. With this product, thanks to the platform we have developed, we provide a ready-made campaign and loyalty infrastructure to retail stores. Integrating Ödeal API with POS devices, tablets and mobile phones is very easy and can be done in a short time. As thought, it does not have a serious cost. In fact, the service we have provided since our establishment, the added value we provide; I can summarize as "using the latest technology to simplify business and processes and to enable people to focus on their main business and service" and "to support the registration of widespread trade."

More than 6 sectors and more than 64 thousand member businesses in 35 years

During the 6 years since its establishment, Ödeal has reached more than 64 sectors and more than 35 thousand member merchants. It is the lifeblood of SMEs, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who cannot make POS investments due to monthly quotas, fixed costs and bureaucracy. allowing them to be incorporated into their banking systems, are major contributors to the increase of Turkey's financial access rates. Company; It has become the leader of its field by continuing its sustainable growth for 6 years. - Hibya

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