Tudem: New Era in School Activities


The Covid-19 outbreak caused significant changes in schools' understanding of author activity, as in every field. The online programs, which started to be implemented during the distance education period, have survived the usual school activities. These publications, which initially aimed to contribute to the intellectual development of students who only live at home, established their own dynamics in a short time like three months and took root as if they have been in our lives for years. Writers and event managers single session and short zamhe had the opportunity to address hundreds of children at the same time. Getting together with students in Antakya, Edirne and Yozgat on the same day gave writers and event managers unexplainable emotions.

Tudem is the pioneer of innovation!

2019-2020 in education, both classic need online, including more than 800 events to pass Tudem Publishing Group life by Turkey in around schools, libraries, cultural centers and even met with houses bibliophile.

Tudem Publishing Group has completely renewed its new understanding of effectiveness in schools. Activity GuideHe prepared a work that will again leave a mark on the publishing industry. New Activity GuideIn, from preschool to secondary school, 12only online45'I can also be applied onlinethere are 83 events in total. Both classic and online 23 new events Dozens of different activities, ranging from comics workshop to creative drama, from exhibition work to urban education, aim to bring children together with the colorful world of books.

Activities implemented, most zamThe moment turns into long-term projects and spreads over a whole year, it even becomes immortal by being published or exhibited, meeting with large masses. Students who have the chance to experience the interaction of literature with other branches of art personally collect memories and experiences that they will not forget for years. - Hibya

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