New General Manager of Microsoft Turkey


Information and communications technology in the industry with over 20 years of international experience Levent Ozbilgin, was appointed as the new General Manager of Microsoft Turkey. Özbilgin will begin his post on October 5, 2020.

Information and communication technologies in the field a name that has 20 years of experience Levent Ozbilgin, will be sworn in as the new General Manager of Microsoft Turkey October 5, 2020. Prior to Microsoft, Özbilgin, who served as the Global Vice President of Vodafone Sales and Digital Services in Ericsson UK, held key positions such as country management and sales in global IT companies such as HP and Alcatel-Lucent throughout his career. Western Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, South East Asia and Turkey, which has extensive experience in sales of Levent Ozbilgin, received his undergraduate degree from ITU Management Engineering Department in 1996. In 1998, he completed his master's degree in Information Systems at the George Washington University Business School.

Levent Ozbilgin, General Manager of Microsoft Turkey has expressed their thoughts and feelings about the new mission will begin as follows: "I am very happy to join Microsoft Turkey Family. We have a strong and creative team in Turkey, together I believe we can move the bar even higher. I am confident that we will successfully implement Microsoft's mission to empower all individuals and organizations to achieve more in our country. In this context, we will continue to contribute to the digital transformation of our country and support economic growth, following the great opportunities on the horizon. Working for sustainable growth on the way we set out with our business partners and customers; We support our customers as a reliable technology partner in their growth strategies. Within the framework of the national plan of our country, in the area of ​​technology in Turkey and foremost you need to be employed to turn into innovation base, we aim to take all steps ". - Hibya

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