Mustafa Varank: Supporting Young People Who Follow Their Dreams

The Rocket Competition, which is organized with the support of Roketsan, which aims to encourage young people to grow as individuals who contribute to domestic and national production, continues with all its excitement. On the 4th day of the contest, sponsored by Roketsan with the collaboration of Tübitak SAGE within the scope of TEKNOFEST, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK, T3 Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk BAYRAKTAR and Roketsan General Manager Murat İKİNCİ watched the races and chatted with young people.

Roketsan, which is among the top 100 companies in the defense industry in the world, continues to invest in youth. Roketsan also became a supporter of the Rocket Competition held in Tuz Gölü / Aksaray between 1-13 September within the scope of TEKNOFEST. The 4th day of the competition was held with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa VARANK, T3 Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk BAYRAKTAR, Aksaray Governor Hamza AYDOĞDU, Aksaray Mayor Evren DİNÇER and Roketsan General Manager Murat İKİNCİ.

Among the 516 teams that applied for the competition, 82 teams, which passed the pre-evaluation processes, competed fiercely in three different categories: low, common and high altitude. Teams of high school, undergraduate and graduate students are asked to design, manufacture and prepare a rocket carrying a load of 4 kg or more in one of the low, medium or high altitude categories they participate in.

Minister VARANK: We will continue to keep the excitement of our young people alive with these competitions.

Following the races of young people and sharing their excitement of shooting, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK stated that they are trying to train future scientists and successful engineers with such competitions and said:

“When we come to these competitions, we are both proud of our young people and really hopeful for the future of our country. We support them with these competitions, and our young people guide us with their excitement. Hopefully, from now on, we will continue to organize TEKNOFEST in a way that will attract interest in the technology areas of the future with different competitions, just like today's Rocket Competition. Of course, after the pandemic, we will continue to organize TEKNOFEST with a wider participation of our society with aviation shows, exhibitions of our products produced as a result of the move of national technology. Today, in the races here, our young people are trying to increase their rockets to 1500 meters, 3000 meters and in the coming days to 6000 meters, which we call high altitude. Today, we had young people who were successful here. I hope we will continue to keep the excitement of our young people alive with these competitions. I would like to thank all the public and private sector organizations that contributed to the organization of these competitions. Their contributions go to our youth personally, to their self-improvement. Because this investment made by them is a very valuable investment. Investing in people is the most valuable investment. They are investing in Turkey's future by investing in our young people. " Minister VARANK also thanked Roketsan for its support to young people.

Roketsan General Manager Murat İKİNCİ: Our youth will raise the flag much higher

Evaluating the competition, Murat İKİNCİ, General Manager of Roketsan, emphasized that the young people will carry the flag they received within the scope of the national technology move to a higher level and said, "We have observed this trust closely in the motivation and joy in the field today and we are very happy for this." Stating that Turkey Murat et promising young people from various regions SECOND participating in the competition, said:

“We want our young people to increase their experience gained in such competitions by providing continuity and increasing their technical knowledge in this field in a way that they will be better equipped and achieve a better goal in the next year. Our engineers working at both Roketsan and Tübitak SAGE guide our young people by conveying their courage and knowledge. As a result of the work to be done here, our young people will be our human resources and trained employees in the future. As Roketsan, we employ our young people, who we see promising here. In this context, we experienced the happiness of employing 15 young people at Roketsan. Same zamWe also create internship opportunities. The important thing in the next stage, the points are not signed to major advances in these our brothers and motivation to continue on their way without losing their dreams and space technologies within the scope of Turkey's national technology moves. We are proud to be part of an organization that gives the engineers of tomorrow strong vision of Turkey. As Roketsan, acting with the mission of serving the nation from 'under the sea to space', we will continue to support our youth both in terms of knowledge and financially. "

In the competition, the winner team in its category will win 50 thousand TL, the second team will win 40 thousand TL and the third team will win 30 thousand TL. The winners of the competition will be announced as part of TEKNOFEST, which will take place in Gaziantep between 24-27 September 2020. - Hibya

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