Musixen: Initiative That Raises Income For Musicians During The Pandemic Period

Launched in 2020, Musixen is positioned as a digital performance platform and a musician / venue marketplace. With Musixen, where live performances of musicians and performers can be watched, the events are transferred to the digital environment, and art lovers have the pleasure of watching digital concerts wherever they want. In addition, artists who perform in many fields such as music, performing arts and theater can both make their voices heard and earn income through live broadcasts by joining Musixen.

One of the areas that hit the pandemic the most was art. Many musicians and performers could not meet with their audience during this period and lost income. However, with the developing technology and digitalization, concerts and performances have entered our homes with smart devices. Seeing that the future of the art world is in digital, Musixen, whose work began in 2019, came to life in May 6 after a 2020-month software development process. With the application, where musicians and performers can make their voices heard, and art lovers can watch live performances of their favorite artists, the events are transferred to the digital environment. Thus, the most popular artists can be watched from the comfort of the sofa in the living room of the houses. So far, about 200 thousand dollars invested venture with Turkey's name on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, to put the global giants in between, such as Facebook, quality digital live music performances and a live stage aims to be a global content platform where art.

There are more than 20 thousand users

Musixen has a Music Committee with valuable and experienced music people in order to broadcast quality and original live music. The Music Committee evaluates the maximum 4-minute video performances to be shared by people who want to perform live and shares a link to the relevant artist on the Musixen app if they give a positive opinion. There are more than 2 thousand users and over 400 recorded musicians in Musixen, where 20 different live broadcasts are held in 300 months. Live concerts start at 21.30 in the application, which includes artists from many musical genres, from pop to electronics, from rock to folk music. Viewers can purchase various packages through the application during the live broadcast and support the artist with gamification such as sending requests, super applause, and the artists can earn income from here. Artists who wish can make ticketing for the live broadcasts they organize.

The spirit of the 90s will be transferred to the digital environment

Stating that many more features will be introduced soon, Çağrı Bozay, the founder of Musixen, states that while supporting new artists and making their voices heard, they help the development of potential artists by mediating the discovery of new voices and talents all over the world: “Many new features that we will implement in September. it will be. For example, entertainment venues will have a listing service that can quickly reach and invite musicians when needed. We do not only work in music, but also in different fields. Close Musixen Kids and Musixen Theater categories zamWe will meet our users at the moment and we will bring the spirit of the 7s with Adile Naşit Before Sleep, with Barış Manço from 77 to 90. zamWe plan to offer our users experience in many areas by moving them to the digital environment. - Hibya

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