Monster Notebook: Monster Gaming Lab Coming

Exclusive entrepreneurship program for the game ecosystem from Monster Notebook: Monster Gaming Lab: High-performance laptops and players operating in the areas of equipment technology brand Monster Notebook, Turkey went through a new project to life for the gaming industry and the entrepreneurial eco-system. Monster Notebook will support successful entrepreneurs who want to advance in the field of gaming with the "Monster Gaming Lab". Monster Gaming Lab will provide initiatives with support such as collaboration opportunity, training, workplace support, business contacts, access to investors, technology infrastructure and promotion.

Monster Notebook, entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey for the development of the game added a new project to implement. Monster Gaming Lab, the entrepreneurship program created with the aim of realizing the best game ideas, was introduced at the online press conference held with the participation of Monster Notebook Founder and CEO İlhan Yılmaz and Monster Notebook CGO Cem Framioğlu.

Top 5 initiatives applying to Monster Gaming Lab established within Monster Notebook will be supported within the program consisting of incubation, acceleration and investment steps.

Initiatives included in the program will receive mentoring, working environment support, cloud technology support, government support consultancy, cooperation opportunity, training, business contacts, access to investors, technology infrastructure, promotional support, gaming and entrepreneurship training. Initiatives included in Monster Gaming Lab will also be provided with the opportunity to receive investment from Monster Notebook.

Making a statement on the subject, Monster Notebook Founder and CEO İlhan Yılmaz said: “In the game market expanding every year, there are very serious opportunities in different areas from game development to e-sports. Turkey knows that the power to immediately stand out in the global competition in every field that game, Monster Notebook our country in all our activities as we act with a vision that aims to contribute to their success in this area. We also care about game entrepreneurship. The game industry is an important investment area for our country's economy. Near zamThe best proof of this is the successful breakthrough of Turkish gaming companies. Today there are close to 100 games company in Turkey. The number and success of these companies will increase even more in the future. But it is not possible to expect this success to come in its normal course; It should be ensured that the ecosystem attracts more investments by feeding the enterprise ecosystem and raising awareness in this area. As Monster Notebook, we have established the Monster Gaming Lab to increase awareness on this issue and to support young entrepreneurs by creating an environment where game ideas are created, developed and shared with the game world. With this program, we will provide the enterprises with the know-how they need in their game development processes, and bring them together with the important stakeholders of the ecosystem. This project, the first of which we have just realized, will grow stronger in the upcoming period and reach more entrepreneurs. " said.

Applications for the program, where initiatives from all stages can apply, start on September 4. Entrepreneurs whose applications are accepted at the end of the application process will be invited to the jury presentations to participate in the 2-month program. - Hibya News Agency

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