Microsoft Seeing AI Turkish Version Released

Microsoft launched the Turkish version of the Seeing AI application, which facilitates the daily life of visually impaired people by using artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. Boyne, Evyapan, GS1 Turkey, Koçtaş, Kuwait, Turkey, MediaMarkt, mondelēz international Turkey, P & G Turkey, Turkcell, Unilever Turkey, with the support of leading companies in areas such as Watsons Turkey many shops and filed applications to use the product, can be installed free of charge by iOS users.

Visually impaired using the Seeing AI application, which works with visual recognition and description technology over artificial intelligence; it can perceive all the visual elements around them through sound; can read texts and make purchases more easily.

Microsoft Turkey Accessibility Team, using artificial intelligence technology and impaired social, business, and conducts various activities to improve the educational lives. The Microsoft application Seeing AI, which recognizes images through the camera of smartphones and makes audio description for the visually impaired, attracts attention as an important application that will make life more accessible for hundreds of thousands of visually impaired people with its Turkish version.

By application; Different processes such as “short text reading, document scanning, product-barcode recognition, scene preview, person recognition, color detection, light detection and visual processing / reading / describing images in all social media applications including messaging platforms WhatsApp and Bip” can be performed. Thanks to the collection of all these functions in a single application, the life of the visually impaired is greatly facilitated.

Introduced in 2017 as the first in the world and can be loaded for free on the iOS operating system intelligent application was used by the English option weight so far in Turkey. For a while Turkish language option that runs on Microsoft Turkey September 3, Thursday, the Turkish version of AI Seeing opened access to the Apple Store. So far calculated that the process used to make more than 20 million applications in the world, in Turkey, the Turkish version can be used by a much larger number of vision impaired.

The Seeing AI application, which works with visual recognition and description technology through artificial intelligence, enables visually impaired people to recognize all visual elements in their surroundings through sound. Seeing AI, which can directly detect people with a photo on the user's phone or previously introduced to the application; It can also predict the age, gender, race and mood of people the device does not know.

Seeing AI: A liberating experience for the visually impaired!

Microsoft's "more to all individuals and organizations on the planet impetus in order to achieve" mission with moves that and Seeing the application of one of the most valuable outcomes of this mission stressed that Microsoft Turkey's Deputy General Manager application in the Turkish version of the access opening much more visual disabilities in Turkey He expressed that they were excited to reach. Yılmaz, “Seeing AI is a unique application that proves how big a contribution can be made to the daily life of disabled people with artificial intelligence. Making sure what you are buying in a supermarket; completing the shopping safely by introducing the Turkish lira at the checkout step; Being able to perceive the people around on the street is an extremely liberating experience for a visually impaired individual. With the Seeing AI application, users can read texts shared on WhatsApp and social media; It is now possible to listen to the audio description of the visuals. He pointed out that the application contributes to the individual freedoms of the disabled.

Reminding that today life is mostly based on visuality and this fact makes the lives of visually impaired people difficult, Murat Yılmaz said, “Technology is gaining in value as it improves people's quality of life. The ability of a free and unregistered phone application to describe the world around us in such a comprehensive way is invaluable for the visually impaired and for Microsoft, the creator of this technology." said. Yılmaz added that they are happy to see that the brands that support the preparation phase of the Turkish version of Seeing AI approach the project with a social responsibility sensitivity.

6 million product barcodes have been uploaded to the Seeing AI application!

Boyner Turkey, Evyap, Koçtaş, MediaMarkt, Turkey mondelēz international, P & G Turkey, companies such as Unilever Turkey and Turkey Watsons sharing the barcode of all products; GS1 Turkey integrated into the application, the visually impaired has contributed to the formation of a product platform that will allow you to do shopping in a very wide range. Microsoft Türkiyeekib has uploaded a total of 5 million product barcode applications in 6 months. Visually impaired thanks to the barcode contribution of these brands; They will be able to easily meet their basic needs such as food, home care, beauty and personal care, clothing, construction equipment and technology products.

Turkcell, on the other hand, integrates the barcodes of all products in its stores into the Seeing AI application, and also offers in-app data usage free of charge to Turkcell subscribers. Thus, users do not drop out of their existing internet packages while the Seeing AI application is open. Instead of getting barcodes in bulk from a web base with individual brands opinions Microsoft said Turkey; This has created a data pool that includes details of products such as color / size / size / material / weight and even allergen information and regularly updates barcodes. These details make it possible for the visually impaired to get to know the products without any support from anyone.

Safe shopping with Turkish lira recognition feature

Microsoft targeting them to perform cash payment transactions securely visually impaired Turkey, Kuwait generate the required bar codes with visual banknotes shared by Turkey. Thus, the application was made to recognize the Turkish Lira. Turkey's leading brand of barcode applications where the sample was taken, including awareness of social responsibility also global.

Microsoft Turkey precious support from associations working for people with disabilities

the first and only association of visually impaired children who Sparkles Blind Children Support Association in Turkey, and the AI ​​egedeniz Seeing the Barrier-Free Access Association of Turkish version of the application as included in the testing phase gave support to work seamlessly. Participating in the promotional video taken to explain how the Seeing AI application is used in a practical way, the youth of the Parıltı Association shared their experiences with Seeing AI in detail. - Hibya News Agency

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