Where is Mevlana Museum in Konya, How to Go? Is Mevlana Museum Paid?


The Mevlana Museum is the museum that has been operating since 1926 in the building complex in Konya, which used to be Mevlana's lodge. It is also known as "Mevlana Tomb".

The tomb of Mevlana, called (Green Dome), was built on four elephant legs (thick columns). After that day, the construction activities have never ended, and continued with additions until the end of the 19th century. The fact that some of the Ottoman sultans were from the Mevlevi order ensured that the tomb was given special importance and well protected.

While the museum area was 6.500 m² with its garden, the area was expropriated and reached 18.000 m² with the sections arranged as Rose Garden. It is said that the center of the fountain built by Selim I in the garden of the museum was gifted by the Germiyanoğulları Principality.

Where is Mevlana Museum?

Mevlana Museum is located in the central district of Karatay in Konya. It is the museum that has been operating since 1926 in the building complex in Konya, formerly the lodge of Mevlana. It is also known as the "Mevlana Tomb". The exact address of the museum Aziziye Mah, Mevlana Cd. No: 1, 42030 Karatay / Konya

How to Get to Mevlana Museum?

It is possible to reach the Mevlana Museum by both private vehicles or public transportation. You can go from the Alaaddin tram stop for transportation from the city center. From here, it is possible to reach the Mevlana Museum when you take the Alaaddin-Adliye line and get off at the Mevlana stop. Transportation from the bus station is taken by using the Üniversite-Alaaddin tram line to get off at the Alaaddin stop.

Is Mevlana Museum Paid?

Before it was free, it was the second most revenue-generating museum to its Ministry of Culture. (First Topkapı Palace museum)

In Ahmed Eflaki's book, "Legends of Arifs", in which legends about Mevlana are told, there is a rumor that he told the sultan of the age who wanted to build a mausoleum for Mevlana's father, "Do not bother since you cannot make a more magnificent than the sky dome." The tomb was built after the death of Mevlana.

Mevlana Museum Entry Hours

The Mevlana Museum opens its doors to visitors every day of the week, including holidays, at 09:00. The museum only starts one hour late on Mondays. The closing hours are around 18:30 in the summer months and the last visit time is around 17:00 in the winter months.

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