Mercedes: Will Be The First Brand to Build Level 3 Autonomous Vehicles

Saying that “one day in the future cars will start to travel without the need for their drivers' direction” was just a dream in the past, but this dream is rapidly becoming a reality. Not only automobile companies, but also technology companies are doing their best to produce these cars. 

There are tiers of autonomous systems, and vehicles that do not need driver intervention will appear at level 5. We haven't even seen level 3 vehicles in this developing area yet, but that could change soon.

What is a level 3 autonomous vehicle from Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz's S Class series is getting ready to come out with level 2021 autonomous driving in 3. This means that the vehicle does not need driver intervention at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The statement on the subject came from Ola Kallenius, the global boss of the German company, during the vehicle's introduction. According to the statement, the only obstacle for level three autonomous vehicles is that the government has not officially authorized yet. 

This technology will initially be used for intercity roads and highways rather than for urban use. In order for cars to be used in the city without causing accidents, they must be able to detect traffic signals, lights, signs and pedestrians.

German officials use this technology one way or another They have to give permission, but it is not known how the arrangement will be. Make these decisions later other countries It is thought to follow. On the other hand, the permission to be given to autonomous vehicles is expected to bring certain conditions for now.

According to Mercedes executives, the company will put autonomous vehicles into production next year and thus prove that these cars can travel without driver intervention under certain conditions. This technology can also change the way cars are used.

In the future, according to Mercedes, this technology will either make cars more expensive than they are or require using a method such as some kind of subscription system. Still, many people are happy to be able to drive cars without actually driving. - Webtekno

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