Mercedes September 2020 Campaigns

Car manufacturers, who are in a very difficult situation due to the coronavirus affecting the whole world, are planning to return to their old days with normalization.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers special financing options for September in car purchases of 0 km. For those who want to own a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback and Sedan, an interest rate of 240 percent is offered for a loan of 12 thousand TL up to 1,09 months.

For the Mercedes-Benz CLA and the new GLA, a 270-month loan with a 36 percent interest is offered for 1,29 thousand TL in September.

In the new GLB model, there is a loan opportunity of 300 thousand TL in September and 36 percent interest for 1,29 months. In Mercedes-Benz C-Series cars, a loan of 300 thousand TL is offered this month with a special 12-month loan with 1,09 percent interest.

If Mercedes-Benz Insurance is preferred for customers who want to own an E-Class, Mercedes offers a special interest rate of 400 percent up to 12 months up to 1,09 thousand TL for September.

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