An Ancient Mask Found On The Shore Of Lake Manyas

Archaeologists who carried out excavations in the ancient city of Daskyleion, located on the shores of Lake Manyas, announced that they found a small mask depicting the ancient Greek god Dionysus. Archaeologists in Turkey have engaged in excavation work, they found a face mask on the terracotta color of a Greek God. According to the statement made by the archaeologists god mask 2.400 years ago stretches up.

According to the news in Ancient-Origins, the ruins of this city, founded in the Bronze Age, were discovered by Kurt Bittel and Ekram Akurgal in 1952. Archaeological studies in this area were carried out in the middle of 1954 - 1960, and Pharnabazus was discovered in this area again in 2005. Since 2012, archaeologists focused on the Acropolis near Manyas, where the Satrap's palace and Zoroastrian religious ritual sites are located.

In 2018, it was announced that there was a building surrounded by 2 meters of walls in the Daskyleion Acropolis. Tools and food remains associated with the food habits and culinary culture of the ancient Lydians were also found here. In addition, many pits used for storage and religious purposes were discovered here again.

Kaan İren, an archaeologist from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, who carries out the excavation works in Daskyleion, said that the terracotta mask of Dionysus was unearthed in the cellar of the "Lydian Cuisine" in the Acropolis of the city. The researchers brought to the language that the kitchen was probably a devotion and was used in Greek carnival and show-making rituals. Archaeologists say that wearing this kind of mask was worn in Greek legends for allegiance to the god Dionysus.

Ilah Dionysus, also known as Bacchus in the Roman pantheon, was born from the union of Zeus and Persephone. Dionysus portrayed as the dark side of Zeus; He was the spiritual ruler of grape harvest, wine, wine production, fertility, orchards, plants, and vegetation.

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