Limak Energy: New Era in Electricity Bills

Limak Energy continues to facilitate the lives of its customers. With the new system implemented by the company, customers will be able to perform all their transactions using only their contract number. Thus, the period of personal contract number in electricity will be initiated, just like the TR identity number.

Limak Energy, which serves 5 million people, commissioned a system in which transactions can be carried out more easily. In this context, customer transactions that were previously made over two different numbers (business code and subscriber number) can now be carried out more quickly and easily with only the contract number.

With the new system that provides convenience, subscribers will be able to access all their information via a single number by entering their contract numbers, and will be able to make bill payments through this number. Limak Energy customers will be able to easily see their contract numbers on the upper left of their invoices. In addition, contract numbers will be included in the SMS notifications sent to customers. Limak Energy customers will be able to learn their contract numbers by specifying their subscriber numbers from the “” address, call center 444 6 646 and customer transaction centers. Within the scope of the contract number application, customers who have an automatic payment order will not have to do anything. Limak Energy also offers services to its customers through its call center 444 6 646, nearly 100 transaction centers, online transaction center, e-Government, 0555 0 646 646 Sign Language Call Line. The company aims to establish a healthy communication with its customer-friendly applications and to facilitate the lives of its customers.

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