LG: Life is Good at Home

LG Electronics (LG) presented a new consumer experience at IFA 2020, unlike previous IFA Fairs. LG CTO Dr. IP Park took the stage in hologram form to talk about Life's Good from Home - the company's vision for the future. LG's vision for the future maximizes three key home values: maintenance, convenience and entertainment.

Dr. Park on the subject, “This is unprecedented zammoments made us even more uncertain about the future. LG believes this offers a unique opportunity to make a real change in the world by revealing new potential for the home. As a leading lifestyle innovator, we have doubled our commitment to developing new and improved products and services that provide a good life for consumers all over the world, ”he said.

LG's artificial intelligence platform LG ThinQ continues to evolve and innovate to create new services, solutions and business models that will lead to change. Dr. “LG ThinQ is the beating heart of our life-enriching innovative experiences,” he said during the Park talk, showing how the updated LG ThinQ app delivers a user-centric experience ranging from customer support to purchasing supplies. Using the application, Artificial Intelligence-based Proactive Customer Support (PCC) can analyze and report the operational status of devices and even provide maintenance or repair advice.

LG pioneers innovations that go beyond the home, investing in comprehensive technologies to improve everyday life. LG's CLOi robot series provides a safe and socially distant way of serving restaurants and hospitals. LG CLOi ServeBots have been used in commercial locations throughout Korea since July 2020. As a pioneer in robotics, LG focused on expanding the robot ecosystem through its CLOi platform and reducing the time required to develop cutting-edge products that drive the industry, focusing on automated driving, situation analysis and motion control. Dr. Park emphasized that CLOi 2.0 can provide an efficient replacement service compatible with the open source Robot Operating System (ROS) 2.

LG is also developing technology for remote healthcare management as part of its digital transformation efforts. Dr. “Through artificial intelligence, we can easily and more precisely monitor the health of consumers 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. "We recently successfully managed a pilot project in Korea with Seoul National University that uses AI to improve the monitoring and care of patients with chronic conditions," he said.

LG's Vice President of Business Solutions for Europe, Dr. Kim Kyung-ho, to promote LG ThinQ Home Dr. He took the stage after Park. ThinQ Home, a true living space and complete home solution in Pangyo, South Korea, known as Korea's Silicon Valley, LG as the ideal future home designed to offer a safer, more comfortable lifestyle through the company's latest devices and IT technologies. 'Life is good from Home' vision. - Hibya

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