Lexus Venice Hits Red Carpet

Lexus, a lifestyle brand; It became the official vehicle sponsor brand of the 77th Venice International Film Festival in order to reflect its passion for the world of cinema, creativity and innovation. Lexus took place for the fourth time in a row in this organization attended by world famous names.

Lexus' advanced technology, high quality handcraft and design once again won the admiration of famous and high profile names of the cinema world in Venice. The premium manufacturer participated in the festival with 300 models, including the fully electric model UX 36e and its new iconic model LC Convertible.

The Venice International Film Festival highlights the synergy between cinema's ability to impress and excite audiences and Lexus' desire to offer great experiences to its customers. While both focus on high-quality craftsmanship and the use of advanced technologies, Lexus also aims to inspire creativity and innovation by going beyond the automotive world.

Lexus as the official vehicle sponsor; He accompanied the actresses, actors, filmmakers and distinguished guests attending the festival. Along with the UX 300e and LC Convertible, Lexus' SUV product range with hybrid engines, ES luxury sedan and LC super coupe also took part in the organization. Names such as Cate Blanchett, Elodie, Marracash, Anna Foglietta, Matt Dillon and Ludivine Sagnier attended the festival.

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