Land Rover Discovery Sport Specifications

Land Rover Discovery Sport Turkey offered for sale on the market with features amazes Land Rover Discovery Sport. Land Rover Discovery Sport Model, which Land Rover has made up, has 6 different equipment options: S, SE, HSE, R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamic SE and R-Dynamic HSE.

Land Rover Discovery Sport, which has a 5 + 2 seat capacity, offers the feeling of comfort in the interior to the passengers and drivers. New Discovery Sport, which is in the SUV segment, increases its claim with its advanced design and completely renewed interior.

Front and rear LED headlights, renewed shutter and bumper design represent the striking innovations in the exterior design of New Discovery Sport. In the interior, the Touch Pro infotainment system, which takes its place on the front console, draws attention.

Land Rover Discovery Sport has quite noticeable features in fuel consumption. The New Discovery Sport, which has 48V electrically assisted mild hybrid (MHEV) feature, provides very low fuel consumption and carbon emission. Equipped with a light hybrid feature, New Discovery Sport consumes an average of 100 liters of fuel per 5.5 km.

One of the most striking technological innovations of New Discovery Sport is the Clear Sight Digital Rear View Mirror.

The Ground View system makes the pavement or high overhangs in the blind spots of the car visible with a 180-degree front camera.

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