KPSS License Results What ZamAnnounced at the moment?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of candidates compete with each other to find jobs in public institutions. After the completion of the KPSS license exam marathon, eyes turned to the results to be announced by ÖSYM. In addition to the results, candidates continue to search for the correct answers to the questions they face in the Public Personnel Selection Exam. ÖSYM KPSS General Culture and General Ability and Educational Sciences exam questions and answers are generally accessible to students the next day. ÖSYM announced that the results will be announced in October in the exam calendar. So what is the KPSS license question and answer booklet zamwill the moment be announced? Here are the details of the KPSS exam for thousands of candidates who dream of becoming a civil servant ...


KPSS results will be made available to students by ÖSYM on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Candidates will be able to learn their exam results with their TR ID numbers and passwords from ÖSYM's website at ​​and mobile applications.

“Exam result document will not be printed and sent to the addresses of the candidates. The number of correct and incorrect answers given by the candidates to the tests and KPSS scores will be included in the result information. The result information announced on the internet page is communicated to candidates."

KPSS General Culture and General Ability exam and Educational Sciences exam questions and answers have not been announced yet. 2019% of the Basic Question Booklets and Answer Keys of the exam held on 14 July 10 were made available to candidates on 16 July. When the KPSS license exam question and answer key is published, you can view it from the address below.

Each test in the exam will be evaluated within itself. In each test, for example General Ability, raw scores will be found by subtracting one-fourth of the number of incorrect answers from the number of correct answers, and standard scores will be calculated using the mean and standard deviations of these scores.

After the exam, the questions that are decided to be canceled by the OSYM Presidency or the judicial authorities will be excluded from the evaluation and scoring will be made by re-determining the score value of the valid questions.


In order for a candidate's exam to be considered valid and the answer sheet to be evaluated, the candidate;
To take the exam in the hall / row they are assigned to,

Submitting the Exam Entrance Document to the exam staff before the exam period begins,
Does not attempt to help with cheating or cheating,

Marking their answers in the relevant field of the answer sheet during the exam period,
Writing and coding the TR Identity Number and question booklet number correctly on the answer sheet,

The information to be written and marked on the question booklet and the answer sheet is correct and complete,

To start reading the exam questions after the answer period of the exam has started,
Not reading the questions after the exam period is over and not continuing to mark them on the answer sheet,

Delivering the question booklet (complete with pages) and the answer sheet to the examiners at the end of the exam,

It is compulsory to comply with the exam rules and the warnings of the examiners and other exam rules in the hall.

Exams of candidates who do not comply with these rules will be canceled.

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