World Brand in Horn New Products of Seger Company

Produced in Bursa horns, more than 70 countries in exporting the world top 10 ranking in Turkey while Seker, the largest horn manufacturer, the new product category "Lighting Equipment" by diversifying their products in the automotive market.

Being a global brand in horn production and now expanding its product category with automobile interior and exterior lighting equipment, Seger's new products include halogen lamps; Standard, super vision, crystal white, Xenon white ultra and Xenon yellow models.

Success in horn will inspire lighting

Seger Chairman Selim Baykal, who stated that Seger, who is the voice of many world brand automobiles, large transportation vehicles and even ships today, set out to continue the success of the horn in the field of automobile lighting; “Seger is a global brand with high recognition in national and international automotive spare parts markets with its horn design and production. We did not limit this potential based on the trust we created in the market to the horn, but wanted to serve our suppliers in a different category. We will also market lighting-related products with our reliable brand that has a place in the world. "Our initial product range includes halogen and xenon bulbs of automobile headlights, miniature bulbs for signaling and interior lighting."

With our dynamic structure, we will offer products for needs.

Automotive spare parts industry in all the different products with reliable Seger known brands in the world Chairman of the Sugar Board offers customers Selim Barnes his words continued as follows: "To increase our business volume and turnover, however, Turkey to provide more foreign exchange income also is among our highest priorities. Our lighting products will also meet our customers through our existing dealer channel. Our halogen bulbs in our product range provide standard, super vision, crystal white, Xenon white ultra and Xenon yellow models up to 20 meters longer than standard bulbs, providing excellent visibility for drivers driving at night. Same zamCurrently, our products make it possible to have better visibility in urban traffic, night off-road rides and in bad weather conditions. We also have miniature bulbs for signal lights and interior lights. While these bulbs perfectly illuminate the interior of the vehicle cabin, they can also be used in heavy vehicles thanks to their long life. " - Hibya

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